David Le: 2018 Gold’s Gym Challenge Essay

by davidle

Born at only about 3 pounds and premature. Not learning how to walk until I was over 2 years old. Being diagnosed with Scoliosis. Life throws curve balls and you can either complain or accept them and charge on with your goals in life. I’ve always been self-conscious about the lack of symmetry in my abdominal section and back muscles due to Scoliosis. I assumed my physique would never be good enough for any type of body competition, due to the body I was born with. With skyrocketing weight gain, the insecurities only grew.

With two kids, and my wife at 4 months pregnant, I wanted to become a healthier father, husband, and role model for them. I wanted to prove that my own insecurities with my body were okay and that I should accept them. I didn’t want my children to have any insecurities about themselves and the first step to making sure of that was taking care of my own. I also noticed my own unhealthy eating habits slowly influencing the taste buds of my children. I knew I needed to make a change within myself first, before I could encourage them to eat healthier. My weight gain was skyrocketing, and current body was embarrassing. AD while I felt discouraged to go anywhere that involved any shirtless activity. I needed a big change and a catalyst to spark the healthier lifestyle. The Gold’s Gym challenge showed up at the perfect lime and my wife gave me the courage to sign up.

This entire journey felt like the perfect time to fix my bad habits. I knew that every minute in the gym and every gram of food I measured mattered. I attended sessions and asked questions that Gold’s Gym had for the challengers. I’ve met great people at Gold’s Gym that were so supportive throughout this entire journey. This gave me the energy and the extra sense of accountability to make sure that I tried my best and gave it my all. I was able to ask diet and health questions to the great gym staff and even to an IFBB pro that has won multiple shows! The ability to be able to ask questions, would never have been possible at any other gym around me.

With all the gathered knowledge and support, I was able to become the healthiest I have ever been in my life. I’ve learned to be happy with the body that I have, including the Scoliosis, and to embrace it. I’m more excited than ever to spend this summer doing as many activities with my kids as I can. My habits of eating vegetables have rubbed off on my kids and they have requested for seconds of vegetables, which has been unheard of our children. I’m most excited of all, to bring a newborn into this world as a healthy father and human being. Thank you to my wife and kids, friends and Gold’s Gym family for the support throughout this incredible journey.



2018 Gold’s Gym Challenge winner David Le, who wanted to be a better role model for his family. His wife inspired him to commit to the 12-week journey, and he finished healthier than he has ever been in his life.