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Crush 300 Calories!

by goldsgym

Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute expert, Jay Cardiello boasts an impressive resume. He won a national championship in 1996 as a member of his collegiate track team, worked as an assistant for a professional football organization, and has coached many celebrities and athletes.

When Cardiello trains his clients, he tells them that time is more important than repetitions. Quality over quantity, after all. Here is a five-move, time-based workout for all your calorie-burning needs.

The Workout

Warm-up, and then do each of the five moves for 60 seconds without resting. Focus on proper form rather than the number of repetitions. After completing a set, take a two-minute break, then start the next. Do three supersets for the full workout.

Calories burned*: 300


Movement: Stand on one leg for a minute, then switch to the other leg. This will improve core strength, stability, balance and symmetry while getting the blood flowing.


Movement: Start on all fours with your back flat. Raise your knees and heels off the ground. Simultaneously, put all your weight on your left hand, while bringing your left leg under your hips and across your body, then twist your torso so you’re facing the ceiling. Touch your right hand to your left foot. Return to starting position and repeat on the other side.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Movement: Begin by standing with your arms extended to the sides and your palms parallel to the ground. Brace your core while raising your right knee to a 90-degree angle. Take a breath and, on the exhale, reach down with your right hand to touch your left toe. Return to the starting position and repeat. After a minute, switch sides.

Single Leg Squats

Movement: Stand with your arms extended to the sides while balancing on one leg. Your other leg should be extended straight ahead and as high as possible. Slowly squat down while keeping your extended leg off the ground. Keep your back straight and your knee above your shoe, pointed in the direction of your foot. Return to the starting position.

Charlie’s Angels

Movement: Take a lunge position with your right foot forward. Extend your arms directly in front of your body with your palms pressed together. Lower your hips toward the floor while simultaneously rotating torso and arms as far as you can to the right. Try to form a 90-degree angle with your right knee. Return to starting position. After a minute, put your left leg forward and repeat the motion.

Wall Bends

Movement: Put your back against the wall with your hands up as if you just scored a touchdown. Your triceps and chin should be parallel to the floor, with your heels against the wall. Rotate down with your shoulders until your palms are parallel to the floor, bracing your core for support. Return to the starting position.

* The number of calories burned is based on a 150-pound person. The number will vary depending on your height and weight.



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