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Burn 450 Calories in Your Cubicle

by goldsgym


The office chair. Admit it, you spend more time than you’d like sitting in one. (We hope it’s comfortable!) But the sedentary lifestyle isn’t the best for your physical fitness. Luckily, we’re here to help. We talked to Jamie Eason, a Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute trainer, who gave us a 15-minute workout you can do in your office to help burn away those office-cookie calories.

According to the Harvard Health Publications, a 155-pound person can shed more than 110 calories for every quarter hour of vigorous weight training and nearly 150 calories for the same period of calisthenics. This workout mixes both types of exercise. Do it three to four times a day, and you could burn up to 450 calories per day. Share this workout with your office mates so you aren’t the only one getting in shape during your downtime.

Before performing any exercises, make sure to warm up with 25 jumping jacks to get the blood pumping. Then stretch your neck, your arms across your chest, your triceps behind your head, and your quads and hamstrings.

For exercises that include a work bag or laptop case, we suggest a weight between 5-10 pounds. Add weight to your bag, if needed, by putting a full water bottle or heavy book inside it.


Start on your knees, facing your rolling office chair. Put each hand on different legs of the chair then slowly and with control push the chair out away from you while your upper body lowers to the ground. When your arms are extended and your chest is almost parallel to the floor, reverse direction and pull yourself back up to a kneeling position. You’ll feel it in your abs, chest and shoulders immediately.

Simulated jump rope

Time for a little cardio. This one has all the benefits of actually jumping rope without the potential negatives like getting the rope tangled or having it hit the ceiling. Eason urges people to focus on jumping high enough off the ground to clear the imaginary rope. Make sure you’re jumping at least 2 inches above the floor for maximum effect. Jump for 1 minute.


Single-arm work bag lateral raise

Here’s another exercise with a work bag, which focuses on the shoulders. Hold the work bag with one hand, then extend your arm from your side until it is shoulder-height, keeping it parallel with the floor. Repeat for 1 minute, then switch sides. This one is all about form, so don’t be afraid to lighten the work bag up a bit.


Incline desk push-up

This is a standard push-up, but instead of getting down on the floor, you put your hands on your desk. “Keep this move slow and controlled, really focusing on the upper portion of your chest,” Eason says. “A wide arm position puts the focus on your chest, while moving your arms closer together will work more of the triceps.” Do 2 minutes of incline push-ups.

Simulated jump rope

1 minute

Chair dips

Position your hands shoulder-width apart behind you on the front edge of your office chair. “If you have a rolling chair, be sure to lock the wheels in place or position the chair against a wall,” Eason advises. Walk your feet out in front of you until you are resting on your heels. Lower your upper body toward the floor by bending your elbows. Slowly press off with your hands to push yourself back up to the starting position. “Go no lower than 90 degrees to keep the tension on your chest and triceps and to protect the shoulders,” she says.

Simulated jump rope

1 minute

Single-leg chair squat


Now it’s time for a leg workout, focusing on your glutes and quads. While sitting in a chair, raise your right leg just a few inches off the ground. Your left shoe should be flat on the ground with your left leg bent at the knee. Stand up, keeping your back straight and your right leg in the air. Keep your left knee in line with your left ankle. Return to a sitting position, then repeat. The unilateral training helps with balance. Repeat for 1 minute, then switch legs.

Simulated jump rope

1 minute



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