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Buddy Workouts Give a Boost. These 5 Moves Are Worthy of a High-Five.

Grab your gym buddy and try this routine, which uses high-fives in a fun, high-intensity workout.

by goldsgym

Buddy workouts can help you exercise more often, give you additional motivation to do that extra rep and provide you with more support when you need it. Grab a gym buddy and try this workout. Each move incorporates a high-five, which is what you’ll deserve for pushing each other.

The High-Five Workout

  • High-five shuffle
  • Squat jump with a high-five
  • High-five twist
  • Plank, push-up with a high-five
  • High-five sit-ups

High-five shuffle

Facing your gym buddy, begin doing a high shuffle to the side by taking a big lateral step and follow with your back foot moving to the side. As you both lateral shuffle, high-five one another for 10 yards. Reverse direction and lateral shuffle another 10 yards.

The goal: Three sets, going 10 yards each direction or 20 steps each way.

high five shuffle

Squat jump with a high-five

Start in a squat position with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms extended parallel to the floor facing your partner. Swinging your arms down and back, jump as high as you can, and high-five your partner at the top and come down with your knees bent. Jump again with no rest.

The goal: Three sets of 10 reps.

high five partner workout squat jump

High-five twist

Stand back-to-back with your gym buddy. Rotating from the upper torso to your right, high-five your partner, who will be rotating from the left. Your right hand will be high-fiving their left hand. Then switch the movement so you will be rotating on the left.

The goal: Three sets of 10 per side (20 total between both partners).

high five partner workout twist

Plank, push-up with a high-five

While facing one another with 1 foot between both of you, hold a plank supported with arms fully extended and body in a straight line from head to toe. From this base, perform a push-up, return to the starting position, and then lift your right hand and reach toward the opposite shoulder of your partner, slapping five with their right hand. Put your right hand to the floor, complete another push-up and then repeat the reach, this time using your left hand.

The goal: Three sets of 10–15 reps total between both partners.

high five partner workout plank pushup

High-five sit-ups

Lie down with feet facing each other and interlocked. Perform a sit-up, high-fiving one another at the top, and go back down. Then repeat.

The goal: Three sets of 15 reps.

high five partner workout situps


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