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Looking to Change Up Your Routine? Try BOOTCAMP.

This new group training program will get you out of your fitness rut and on a progressive fitness track.

by goldsgym

You want a fun and serious workout that combines strength and cardio.

You want to find your own Fit Fam to keep you motivated.

You long to break out of a fitness rut.

If any of these statements describe what you’re looking for, consider Gold’s Gym BOOTCAMP. This new group training offering features boot camp-style full-body workouts led by a certified Gold’s Gym coach. Each workout is customized for your fitness level and offers indoor and outdoor location options ranging from the gym floor to a local park.

BOOTCAMP will always challenge you wherever you are at in your fitness journey,” says Tory Hale, director of fitness operations at Gold’s Gym. “Whether you haven’t worked out in two years, or are already an avid fitness enthusiast, you will be able to challenge yourself with the daily workouts. Coaches individually adapt every workout to meet the member at their level.”

How BOOTCAMP works

BOOTCAMP classes are available year-round with convenient morning, midday and evening options available every week. Each class lasts one hour. Unlike other classes that offer set routines, BOOTCAMP is designed to offer variety and be more progressive in nature with concentrations in stability training, muscular endurance, strength, power and agility.

The three main focal points of BOOTCAMP are:

  • Mobility — the ability to perform functional movement patterns with no restriction in the range of motion of the movement
  • Strength — the ability to carry out work against resistance
  • Conditioning — movements and exercises that will increase your strength, speed and endurance

“Our goal is to help you listen to your body and give you the best workout every day,” says Austin-area BOOTCAMP coach Ally McKinney. “And it is all about the community! There is something about sweating and pushing limits with teammates that takes bonding to another level. Every BOOTCAMP class is a party!”

What to expect during your workout

Some workouts will involve resistance bands or dumbbells; others will use just your body weight. Every class contains a warm-up section, a skill and strength section, a conditioning section and either stretching or core work.

And every class accommodates different ages and fitness levels. For example, a coach may ask everyone to do one minute’s worth of air squats to strengthen the lower body. Maybe you do 10. Maybe someone else does 50. That’s OK. The goal is that over time, everyone’s numbers increase. Your coach is there to help you modify your movements and pacing to match your fitness level.

“It’s not intimidating,” Hale says. “Although it’s a standardized program, it doesn’t mean everybody does the exact same thing.”

Whether you come three times a week or seven, the coaches will adapt to you. “If you are sore, we’ll make the workout easier for you; if you are an athlete and need a daily challenge, we’ll make it happen,” Hale says.

The bottom line is that you can grow with each phase, receive expert instruction, vary your workouts and benefit from the energy and support of other class members.

“It’s an amazing experience,” Hale says.

“I work out five days a week, and every Saturday morning you can find me at BOOTCAMP,” says Gold’s Gym member Chace Broker. “People who were complete strangers to me when I started three months ago are now my friends. We motivate one another in class and even get a little competitive during the partner relays.”

Getting started

Click here to find participating BOOTCAMP locations near you and view upcoming class schedules. If you’re a Gold’s Gym member, you can upgrade your membership to include unlimited BOOTCAMP classes, or download the Gold’s Gym App for a Free Trial.

Not a member? Take advantage of a Free Class at participating locations to see where your workout can take you

Get a Free BOOTCAMP Class Pass today!

BOOTCAMP classes available at participating Gold’s Gym locations only.



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