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2018 Gold’s Gym Challenge National Winners (Top 15)

by goldsgym

The 2018 Gold’s Gym Challenge National Winners are:


Priscilla H., Live Oak (18-29)
Kelly H., Gwinnett (40-49)


Age Category 18-29
1st Place –  Priscilla H.; Live Oak
2nd Place –  Jessica W.; Clifton
3rd Place – Yana Y.; Tampa
4th Place – Marriette R.; Evans
5th Place – Danielle C.; Gwinnett
6th Place – Sophia S.; Venice
7th Place – Karolyn C.; Lorton
8th Place – Audrey W.; College Station
9th Place – Carolyn G.; Culpeper
10th Place – Amanda D.; Yukon
11th Place – Lindsey H.; Twin Falls
12th Place – Kelly E.; Bridgewater
13th Place – Laura S.; Fairport
14th Place – Caitlin L.; Willow Lawn
15th Place – Mindy S.; Idaho Falls

Age Category 30-39
1st Place – Danielle B.; Downtown LA
2nd Place – Miriam E.; Gwinnett
3rd Place –  Elizabeth G.; Utah
4th Place – Emily C.; Clifton
5th Place – Rebecca K.; Crofton
6th Place – Elizabeth M.; Largo
7th Place –Carissa R.; Brassfield
8th Place – Jesse B.; Fairport
9th Place – Rebekah L.; Newburgh
10th Place –Iliana C.; Laredo
11th Place – Amanda D.; Long Beach
12th Place – Annetta B.; Lorton
13th Place – Kristy M.; Dutchess County
14th Place – Wildine N.; Killeen
15th Place – Michelle M.; Lee Hwy

Age Category 40-49
1st Place –  Julie D.; SoCal
2nd Place –  Carol Joy O.; Norton
3rd Place –  Tracy D.; Crofton
4th Place – Wendi M.; Newburgh
5th Place – Patricia H.; Largo
6th Place – Beth F.; Morton
7th Place – Lisa D.; Bridgewater
8th Place – Cheryl M.; Randleman
9th Place –  Tracy B.; Lorton
10th Place –Justine G.; Carmel
11th Place – Becci M.; Woodinville
12th Place – Dawn M.; Cheyenne
13th Place – LaJohnda W.; Killeen
14th Place – Kriste G.; Waukesha
15th Place – Wendy B.; Copperas Cove

Age Category 50-59
1st Place –  Janet B.; Gwinnett
2nd Place – Susan W.; Laredo
3rd Place –  Ann D.; SoCal
4th Place – Christine B.; Dutchess County
5th Place –  Christine M.; Longmont
6th Place – Phyllis R.; Kennewick
7th Place – Joanne S.; Bridgewater
8th Place – Mary Ann R.; Newburgh
9th Place – Kristy L.; Utah
10th Place – Aileen S.; Manassas
11th Place – Leah C.; Fairport
12th Place – Christina C.; Clifton
13th Place –  Malia P.; Hill Country
14th Place – Denise V.; San Marcos
15th Place – Raven V.; Tampa

Age Category 60+
1st Place –  Rayna H.; SoCal
2nd Place – Daphne F.; Crofton
3rd Place – Anne. N; Gwinnett
4th Place – Marilyn D.; Copperas Cove
5th Place – Sharon D.; Cypress Creek
6th Place – Janie G.; Harlingen
7th Place – Marie E.; Bridgewater
8th Place – Karen T.; Idaho Falls
9th Place – Karen O.; Dutchess County
10th Place – Beth H.; Cheyenne
11th Place – Annette C.; Killeen
12th Place – Jan H.; Chapman
13th Place – Estela G.; Lockhill


Age Category 18-29
1st Place – Skyler O.; Idaho Falls
2nd Place –  Nico G.; College Station
3rd Place –  Eddie L.; Richland
4th Place – Billy D.; Willow Lawn
5th Place – Julion P.; Lee Highway
6th Place – Alex A.; SoCal
7th Place – Lucas P.; Austin South
8th Place – Sultan J.; Tower Point
9th Place – Hector D.;  Laredo
10th Place – Manuel A.; McAllen
11th Place – Edward T.; Harlingen
12th Place – Steven W.; Del City
13th Place – Jamias W.; Cleveland
14th Place – Devin M.; Van Ness
15th Place – David A.; San Marcos

Age Category 30-39
1st Place –  Brent F.; College Station
2nd Place –  Charles Y.; Harlingen 
3rd Place –  David L.; Bridgewater
4th Place – Carlos S.; Killeen
5th Place – Michael C.; Security
6th Place – Jorge G.; McAllen
7th Place – Matt F.; Fairfax Station
8th Place – Agostinho P.; SoCal
9th Place – Hector A.; Gwinnett
10th Place – Jacob H.; Wendover
11th Place – Ky H.; Copperas Cove 
12th Place – Daniel J.; Pleasantburgh
13th Place – Tom M.; Venice
14th Place – Chad B.; Utah
15th Place – Casey P.; Montrose

Age Category 40-49
1st Place –  Kelly H.; Gwinnett
2nd Place –  Daryl B.; Milwaukee
3rd Place – Francesco G.; Brassfield
4th Place – Joseph P.; SoCal
5th Place – Kelly P.; Utah
6th Place – Andres S.; Laredo
7th Place – Shannon O.; Eau Claire
8th Place – Ed S.; Bridgewater
9th Place – Nate S.; Kennewick
10th Place – Jason H.; Bee Caves
11th Place –Brian S.; Security
12th Place – Anthony H.; Austin South
13th Place  – Tony R.; Moorseville
14th Place – Jason A.; Newburgh

Age Category 50-59
1st Place – Patrick G.; SoCal
2nd Place – Ken E.; Killeen
3rd Place – James A.; Kennewick
4th Place – Terry B.; Copperas Cove
5th Place – Donald S.; Eau Claire
6th Place – Kurt K.; Woodinville
7th Place – Scott O.; Clifton
8th Place – Paul B.; Dutchess County 
9th Place – Curt B.; Richland
10th Place – Larry G.; Culpeper
11th Place – Jose R.; McAllen
12th Place – Chris L.; Utah
13th Place – Luis R.; Long Beach
14th Place – Doug H.; Farragut
15th Place – Eric J.; Longmont

Age Category 60+
1st Place – Jim P.; Bridgewater
2nd Place – Steve M.; Austin Tech Ridge
3rd Place – David L.; Clifton
4th Place – Terry M.; Anderson Arbor
5th Place – Michael Y.; Tampa
6th Place – David B.; Farragut
7th Place – Gary S.; McAllen
8th Place – Paul F.; SoCal
9th Place –Bikkani V.; Dutchess County
10th Place – Richard S.; Meridian
11th Place – Jim M.; Newbugh
12th Place – Ernest S.; Killeen
13th Place – Duane S.; Houston Kingwood
14th Place – David S.; Austin Westlake



What started out in 1965 as a small gym in Venice Beach, California has since become the most well-known and traditional fitness company in the world – Gold’s Gym. Over the last 55 years, Gold’s Gym has developed into a global brand with over 600 locations spanning 6 continents. Bodybuilding greats such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno and Franco Columbu worked out at the original Gold’s Gym, which went on to become the most legendary gym in the world. In the fitness industry, the brand enjoys cult status and universal appeal with 96% aided brand awareness. In 2020, the RSG Group acquired Gold’s Gym and integrated the brand into its portfolio, making it the global leader in the fitness sector.

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