As part of its commitment to helping members reach their fitness goals in a way that feels even more personal and tailored, Gold’s Ashburn has recently partnered with BlackBench Fit to bring its personalized group training and sports performance programs to the facility beginning in January 2018. By adding BlackBench’s programs to Gold’s Ashburn, members will have access to unique training-based workouts via Gold’s Performance Exercise (GPX) programs, while enjoying the full-service gym amenities – all under one roof.

BlackBench has spent more than nine years building a strong brand and community following as a training-based gym ahead of the curve in both the specialized “boutique gym” experience and in the sports performance arena. The new programs we have developed for the general population and for the athletic community will be branded as Gold’s Performance Exercise (GPX) and GPX: Sports Performance.

We are excited to bring these new premium offerings to Gold’s Ashburn:

  • GPX Workouts, part of our Team Training program, are 60-minute strength and conditioning workouts aimed at improving overall mobility, strength and endurance. Workouts are rooted in the latest exercise science and are designed to nurture and challenge all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced participants. Class sizes are limited, and workouts are led by experienced coaches who are trained to provide members with individualized attention in a motivating, “community-inspired” group setting.
  • GPX Sports Performance is small-group (6-8 athletes) or private workouts for the committed athlete (grades 6-12, college and pro) and focuses on: progression-based movement training; joint by joint based prehab/rehab; linear, lateral and multi-directional speed development; reaction time; speed mechanics, agility and first-step quickness; explosive power/vertical jump development; high intensity endurance training; and recovery training.

Are you interested in enrolling or learning more about either our GPX Workouts or Gold’s Sports Performance programs? Please contact Greg Custard at for more information.