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Women’s Workout Routines, Fitness Workouts & Fitness Equipment

Have fun in fitness workouts like dance-based group aerobic classes, or try a bootcamp-style class. A fat burning women's fitness and men's fitness class is BodyAttack, which is available at many Gold's Gym fitness centers. If your fitness plan doesn’t include strength training workouts, you're short-changing your weight loss program because muscle building workouts help boost your metabolism. Pressed for time? Consider fitness programs based around total body workouts that fuse cardio workouts with flexibility and resistance training routines.

For fitness workouts, partner with a workout buddy. Your men's or women's fitness partner will keep you accountable for your workout routines.

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If you're just starting fitness workouts, chat with a personal fitness trainer to map out a long-term fitness program based on your goals.

For cardio fitness workouts, check out the high-tech ellipticals, stairclimbers, exercise bikes and other fitness equipment at your local Gold's Gym. A comprehensive women's fitness or men's fitness program should include resistance training exercises. Work flexibility into your fitness plan, and yoga classes improve flexibility, coordination and balance, and these workouts also help with stress management. Fat burning fitness programs can feature high intensity interval sessions that pump up your metabolism in a short amount of time.

Some of the best fitness workouts are cycling sessions that blast through calories to push fat burning systems into overdrive. Cycling for women's fitness and men's fitness will also tone and shape your legs, buttocks and booty. Add variety to your fitness plan by changing the time of day you work out, or by trying a hybridized group workout that combines two or more types of exercise. Tackle your best workout routine with a workout partner and you can encourage each other to reach new fitness levels.
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