Workouts to Build Muscle & Resistance Training

How to Lift Weights, Strength Training Exercises & Weight Lifting Routines

Use strength training to boost your performance during your favorite activities, such as running, biking or swimming. Adding weight lifting routines to your training helps improve balance and endurance in the long run. Workouts to build muscle also do more to help burn fat than most traditional cardio exercises. Strength training exercises result in stronger, leaner muscles that help devour fat well after you’ve left your local Gold’s Gym for the day.

Try strength training and high intensity interval training (HIIT) to vary your workout and boost results. Adding new weight lifting routines to your weekly workouts makes you feel stronger and burn fat faster.

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Consider strength training for losing fat, toning up that bod and improving overall strength.

Get fit with strength training at your local Gold’s Gym. Learn the best weight lifting routines to target common problem areas for men and women such as the back of arms or upper thighs. While workouts to build muscle are designed to improve strength, these exercises also help reduce the appearance of cellulite in ways cardio can’t. Try strength training exercises first with a certified personal trainer to master form for safe lifting that gets you the results you want.

Strength training doesn’t have to be intimidating, especially when there are helpful resources online at Gold’s Gym to help explain the basics before ever stepping into a fitness center. Check out weight lifting routines that target where you want to improve the most and learn popular HIIT exercises that help tone while giving your heart a cardio-like workout. Workouts to build muscle are easy to learn and you’ll be weight lifting confidently in no time. Strength training exercises also include resistance machines if you’re more comfortable not pumping iron just yet.
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