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Get fit with local group workouts sponsored by Gold’s Gym, and add spark to your gym routine with these fun fitness events. Learn more about community workouts for men and women with these top event picks from our fitness trainers. Highlighting workouts for women and men like racing up office building steps as part of the Trek the Tower race in Omaha, our trainers give you just a small taste of the fitness community you can become part of when you join Gold’s Gym. And for the best workouts for increasing your fitness level for these events, check out the exercise tips from our personal trainers.

With local group workouts, gain extra motivation for your gym routine. And use these workouts for men and women showcased by our fitness experts to inspire you.

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Get fit with local group workouts, and get inspired by these community events highlighted by our Gold’s Gym fitness trainers.

Get stoked with local group workouts that also raise money for a good cause. Showcasing workouts for men and women that you can do within your local community, our Gold’s Gym fitness trainers provide lots of different ideas to boost your health and fitness while also boosting the feel-good vibes you get when giving back to your local community. Like spinning? Try our workout for women and men that also helps to raise money for the American Diabetes Association, the Tour de Cure. And for other best workouts that also raise money for the ADA, look for Gold’s gyms that hold events like the Fit Fest Burnathon, which features Gold’s group fitness classes for the community and gym members.

With local group workouts that benefit the community and these workout tips from our fitness trainers, add fresh motivation to your gym routine at Gold’s Gym. Train hard with these workouts for men and women, and improve your athletic performance, and then join events near you like 5Ks and mud runs to put your skills to the test. And for workouts for women and men to prepare you for any event, look for our full body workout routines, or try one of our group fitness classes in the gym. For more of the best workouts, stop by your local Gold’s Gym and partner with our personal fitness trainers for fierce one-on-one workout sessions.
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