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Step into Gold's local gyms and you will find a passionate community, full of energy and spirit. Channeling those group fitness classes into fundraising challenges is an excellent way to inspire greater effort while also doing some good for important causes. Our group exercise classes are burning calories and improving fitness while also raising money. We take fitness community seriously, extending our reach to more than workout machines and exercise plans.

Local gyms get involved with their communities, adding extra purpose to full body workout routines. Group fitness classes work together to raise money for worthy causes.

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Our local gyms make the news with amazing workouts and the good work they do to raise money.

The best local gyms build a community, and Gold's Gym puts on programs that mix exercise plans with charitable work and neighborhood events. Group fitness classes are even more rewarding when you add an element of fundraising for causes such as diabetes. Group exercise classes offer a full body workout routine and also deliver a boost for the spirit. With a fitness community around you, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Our local gyms put on events that inspire our members, giving them extra incentive to burn calories and exceed limits. Our fitness instructors for group fitness classes are passionate and dedicated, and they bring that to everything they do, from developing exercise plans to organizing charity events. Shake up your group exercise classes with a spinathon or a burnathon that challenges you to go longer. A fitness community is a powerful force, both for helping your neighbors and for motivating yourself.
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