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With group fitness classes, gain the motivation to get into the best shape of your life with the support of your fellow gym mates and group fitness trainer, and get workouts designed to optimize your gym time. Our fitness trainers are passionate about helping you get the most from your workouts, and that passion shows with these suggestions for the best group workouts for achieving your fitness goals. Learn more about group fitness training with these tips from our Gold’s Gym fitness experts, and find the top workouts for everything from reducing stress after work to losing weight after pregnancy. And ask our personal fitness trainers at Gold’s Gym’s near you for an individualized fitness training program if you want extra support and guidance.

Step into group fitness classes with confidence after you read these suggestions from our fitness experts for the best group workouts. Our fitness trainers go all out in giving you the 411 on an array of group exercise classes.

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Learn all about group fitness classes from our Gold’s Gym fitness experts, and then jump into the classes that best suit your health and fitness goals.

Jump into group fitness classes to smash your health and fitness goals, and use these suggestions from our Gold’s Gym fitness experts to help you decide which group workout best fit your needs. Our fitness trainers use their extensive training and experience to recommend group workouts for you for goals ranging from getting ripped muscles to increasing functional fitness. Get ideas for group fitness training like indoor cycling to burn tons of calories, or try yoga to increase your balance and flexibility. And learn how group fitness training can provide you with a fitness community – there for you as a built-in cheering section and giving you one more reason to stay committed to your gym routine. Our personal fitness trainers also share other useful information like how to get your workout in while traveling or what to do if you reach a fitness plateau.

Need to lose weight? Group fitness classes are the perfect choice for taking control of your health and fitness, and getting workouts designed to melt pounds and crush calories. Our fitness trainers give you the 411 on group exercise classes, and leave it up to you to decide if you are going to dance the calories away in fat blasting Zumba classes, or karate chop and kick the pounds off in BodyCombat. While losing fat, consider group fitness training classes like BodyPump to firm up your body, and chisel your muscles. And pair with our personal fitness trainers at Gold’s Gym if you’d like a workout program tailored to your exact goals and interests.
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