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Get healthy with these fitness tips from our Gold’s Gym fitness experts and past winners of the Gold’s Gym Challenge. Benefit from fitness success tips ranging from how to replace fattening snacks with healthy ones to how to trick yourself into working out longer. Our winners make staying fit seem like a doable task, and their stories will inspire you to take on your own health and fitness goals. From how to lose weight to how to build muscle, our fitness trainers draw from their wealth of experience and knowledge to guide you in taking the first step toward improved health and fitness.

Train smarter with these fitness tips from Gold’s Gym fitness coaches. And let the fitness success tips and stories from our past Gold’s Gym Challenge winners inspire your path to better health and fitness.

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Get in shape with fitness tips from Gold’s Gym Challenge winners and our personal trainers.

Ready for a change? Fitness tips from past Gold’s Gym Challenge winners and our own personal fitness trainers can help you transform your body into a healthier, fitter version of you. Use these fitness success tips to learn how to stay committed to your gym routine when you lose steam, and see what our winners did to overcome their own fitness roadblocks. Getting and staying fit is a worthy goal no matter what your age, and it’s never too late to start your fitness journey. With these tips, learn how to lose weight, choose a personal trainer, eat to stay healthy and more.

Try these fitness tips to jumpstart your fitness plan, and let the stories of our past Gold’s Gym Challenge winners inspire you. With fitness success tips for every type of lifestyle, learn how to squeeze workouts in if you are an executive with a tight schedule, or learn how to find some me-time for exercising if you are a stay-at-home parent. When you make staying fit a priority in your life, all of the other pieces for leading a healthier lifestyle will start to fall into place, and you can always enlist the help of a Gold’s personal trainer if you need assistance turning your goals into actions. With trainers, goals like how to lose weight or push past fitness plateaus can be addressed, along with a variety of other health and fitness objectives.
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