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Come into Gold’s family fitness centers where everyone in your family age 13 and up can exercise together while your little ones enjoy their own age-appropriate activities in our Gold’s Kid's Club. And try these family workouts suggested by our fitness experts to get everyone up and off the couch when you are at home. For kid’s fitness, let your children help you plan fun activities to do together, and use these ideas to spark your family fitness routine. Family fitness classes are another option for keeping your whole family in shape, and these tips from our fitness trainers help you figure out which ones are right for your family.

Work out at Gold’s family fitness center with your teens, and make gym night a part of your family fitness routine. And do family workouts with your children, young and old, with these family fitness ideas from Gold’s fitness experts.

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Get fit at Gold’s family fitness center, and use these family workout ideas to inspire your whole family to stay active.

With workouts at Gold’s family fitness center, set a good example for your children of how to stay healthy, and include them in your fitness plan to help them create their own healthy habits. Discover the best family workouts with these suggestions from our Gold’s Gym fitness experts, and then make them a part of your regular exercise routine. Our experts suggest making kid’s fitness fun by planning outdoor activities together like sledding in the winter or planning nature hikes in the spring. And for older kids, family fitness classes like Zumba or indoor cycling might be the perfect fit for your family.

Exercise together at Gold’s family fitness center, and make gym day a part of your quality time with your children. During your family workouts with your children who are 13 years old and above, your younger children can enjoy fun activities in our Gold’s Gym Kid’s Club. And for kid’s fitness outside the gym, get active together with these family exercise ideas ranging from making housework into a game to roller skating at your neighborhood rink. From family fitness classes to surfing the waves, now is the time to instill a love of fitness in your children.
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