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Your best cardio workout starts with finding the right cardio machines that match your interests, and remember that your best friend's favorite cardio machine may not be the right one for you. Be sure to adjust your cardio machines to fit your fitness level, and then change up the incline, speed or other settings every so often to challenge your body. Work fat burning cardio exercises at home into your cardio fitness program, and for more variation and to keep you engaged in your fitness program, consider dance-based cardio classes, water aerobics, swimming or jogging. Also, make your treadmill workouts, indoor cycling workouts and stairclimber workouts more interesting by teaming up with an exercise partner for your gym cardio workouts.

Your best cardio workout will keep you coming back for more, so pick cardio machines that look challenging but fun. Consider skiing cardio machines, cycling machines or rowing cardio machines.

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For the best cardio workout program, mix workouts on cardio machines with other cardio exercises, such as jogging, swimming or dancing.

Get the best cardio workout for women and men using high-tech cardio machines, such as ellipticals, cross country ski machines, rowers and stairclimbers. With cardio machines, you can get fit without having to worry about the weather conditions outside. Like cardio exercises at home, workouts on cardio machines can be varied so you don't get bored or become frustrated with your cardio fitness program. For fat burning treadmill workouts and other workouts using cardio equipment, check with your doctor first to make sure that your body's in good shape for these machines, and for detailed instruction on how to use each piece of equipment, chat with a Gold's Gym personal fitness trainer.

The best cardio workout program is one that engages your mind and continuously challenges your body. Switch up cardio machines at the gym so your body doesn’t become too used to specific exercises, which can create a fitness plateau that stalls your results. Mix up cardio exercises at home and change up cardio machines at the gym, and you can link together different machines for a fast-paced circuit-style cardio workout that's fun and full of variation. Before hitting your treadmill workouts, spinning workouts, rowing routines or other cardio machine sessions, make a playlist on your phone or iPod for personalized, motivating music to keep you going.
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