How to Lift Weights & Full Body Workout Routines for Beginners

Easy Workout Routines, Beginner Ab Workouts & Dumbbell Workouts

Start your journey with beginner workout plans from our Gold’s Gym fitness trainers, and become a fitness enthusiast with these suggestions for beginner exercises. These easy workout routines help you get moving at the gym, and include plans for novice strength training and fat burning cardio exercise. For full body workout routines, rather than go it alone, join a fitness class like BodyPump where you benefit from having an instructor show you proper form and technique. Learn how to lift weights safely in these classes, and burn tons of calories as you exercise to chart topping music.

Get healthy with these beginner workout plans from our Gold’s Gym fitness trainers. And let these easy workout routines be your starting point for creating a lifelong habit of exercising.

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With these beginner workout plans, everyone young and old can get into shape.

Launch your beginner workout plan with confidence with these suggestions from our Gold’s Gym fitness experts. More than ideas for easy workout routines, our fitness trainers also offer tips on how to create a habit of exercising, what to do if you hit a fitness roadblock and how to work out effectively. Try these full body workout routines to gain lean muscle and burn calories, and include smart nutrition as part of your fitness plan for a winning combination for better health and fitness. And if you’re unsure how to lift weights properly, ask one of our Gold’s Gym personal fitness trainers for a couple one-on-one training sessions to learn the basics.

Lose weight with beginner workout plans that focus on fat burning, and then tighten up your muscles with dumbbell workouts. Do these easy workout routines at the gym, and when you are on the road, look for our wall workouts and simple cardio exercise routines that you can do in the comfort of your hotel room. For full body workout routines, mix up your routine by alternating between group exercise classes and solo workouts, and consider adding in a session or two with a personal trainer to kick your calorie crushing into overdrive. From how to lift weights to how to eat clean, our fitness trainers can provide all of the tools you need to shed those extra pounds.
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