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Developing workout plans that are lifelong can be difficult to devise and implement on your own. Some try ab workouts for women and men thinking this is all that's needed to trim their waists. But effective workouts for men and women must include a well-rounded plan that includes cardio, weightlifting and nutrition. To plan total body workouts, review our tips and also check with our fitness experts for help making your dream of a healthy lifestyle come true.

Working with trainers for workout plans especially when you're just starting out can make all the different. They will offer the best workout routine for where you're at, whether you're new to exercise or you're an experienced athlete. These workouts for men and women will include a mix of fat burning exercises as well as strength training and smart nutrition plans – all that fit into your schedules and your goals. These total body workouts can combine working out on the gym machines as well as fitness classes led by our expert coaches.

The best workout plans meet your needs – and your preferences. Ab workouts for women and men might excite some exercisers who want to do core workouts, while others may love dancing to the Latin beats of Zumba to burn fat.

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Not all workout plans are created equal – so get help developing the best workout routine to be fit for life.

One-size-fits-all workout plans usually fail because these exercise routines don't fit your life – or what you like to do. At Gold's Gym, our workouts for men and women suggestions always start with your goals – and plenty of realism. Rather than suggest ab workouts for women and men to try to trim your waist for a class reunion or family gathering, we like to work with you long-term to help you develop healthy habits for the best fat burning and strength training routines. These total body workouts are complemented with the best nutrition advice to fuel the best workouts.

The right workout plans for you start with a simple question: What kinds of fat burning and strength training routines do you like? In developing your workout routine, explore the many options at Gold's Gym and consider consulting with a trainer for help. Some people love core workouts that include ab workouts for women and men, as well as Pilates and even yoga that help build all those important muscles at your midsection. Others seeking total body workouts may find that dance classes like Zumba get the fun – and fitness – started. When searching for weight loss or fitness programs, fun is the most important ingredient – so you keep exercising.

In developing your workout plans, also avoid the next rookie (or sometimes not-so-rookie) mistake: All or nothing thinking. Instead of stacking ab workouts for women and men on top of weightlifting on top of fat burning treadmill running on top of classes in your first week, start with the one activity you think you'll like most and master it – making sure you feel accomplished after finishing the exercise. Once successful, build your workouts for men and women by adding another exercise to slowly build your total body workouts over several weeks. As you try core workouts, fating burning cardio exercises and other workouts, always make sure you're enjoying it – even if it is a lot of work.

Finally, workout plans should include ways to reduce stress. For some, fat burning cardio workouts like Zumba or working out on the elliptical machines release all that extra energy that accumulates sitting at work. For others, the best workouts for men and women turn out to be in the yoga and Pilates studio, where you can stretch and relax. And finally for total body workouts, you'll want to start incorporating more movement throughout your day – maybe parking further from work, taking the stairs, standing more – any extra movement adds up over time as you develop the best workout routine for you.