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When you're looking for how to lose weight, you want to find a realistic plan. Run from weight loss programs that promise quick weight loss with little effort. True weight loss plans for women and men combine smart eating habits with weight training, cardio exercises and even some relaxation. Fat burning workouts help sweat off pounds but recent research has shown that too much stress can hinder weight loss.

For help with how to lose weight, check with our fitness experts. For the best weight loss programs, work with our personal trainers who can help develop a plan that is not only right for your goals but that also fits into your lifestyle. With the best weight loss plans for you, you're ready to get started. Rotate fat burning workouts with strength training workouts and yoga or Pilates classes. To supplement fitness workout routines, add simple things in everyday life like parking further away from work, taking the stairs or doing a few squats as you watch TV.

Learn how to lose weight with the help of a personal trainer. Try weight loss programs that include strength training, cardio workouts and smart nutrition.

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How to lose weight? Develop the best weight loss program for men or women with cardio exercises, weightlifting, flexibility classes and smart nutrition.

There's no magic to how to lose weight for women or men. The best weight loss programs for women and men are a result of the best workout routines, smart nutrition and having fun! To develop the best weight loss plans, start by being realistic – and then trying exercises like all of the workout classes at Gold's Gym, until you find ones that are right for you. The right fat burning workouts should leave you feeling like you're challenged but you should never leave the gym with a feeling of dread about doing the exercises. The best weight loss programs include exercises you look forward to because then you will keep working out after the first few weeks.

Learning how to lose weight is easier when you have realistic goals. The best weight loss programs don't overpromise – if it sounds too good to be true, it is. On the right weight loss plans, you can expect to average losing a half pound to two pounds a week, and some weeks you may not lose any or even gain if you are building muscles that weigh more. As you measure fat burning workout results, always look beyond the scale to how your clothes are fitting and how you're feeling, and whether it's easier to do everyday activities like walking up flights of stairs at work or running after the kids.

Any program on how to lose weight is incomplete if it does not address nutrition. So many weight loss programs promote crazy food plans that starve people, but this can backfire and actually decrease your metabolism (increasing your weight!) and also leave you little energy for everyday life, not to mention exercise. The best weight loss plans provide enough calories to help your body shed fat and work out to build muscle – which helps you burn even more calories. To fuel your fat burning workouts, you'll also want to eat high quality fresh foods that aren't packed with sugar and fat.

When searching for how to lose weight, skip all the over-the-top promises, and turn to a plan that is balanced with the best cardio and weightlifting workouts combined with sound nutrition. Also for help with weight loss programs that work, check with Gold's trainers, who have experience working with people who want to lose a few pounds to lots of weight. Have patience with these weight loss plans – as slow and steady weight loss is the best for the body and a lifetime of fitness. Start out slow with fat burning workouts and be inspired to move more each day.