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Strength training workouts can boost your metabolism to increase fat burning for more efficient weight loss. Muscle building workout routines at Gold's Gym can include weight lifting workouts using our comprehensive dumbbells, kettlebell and barbell sets, or get stronger with our state-of-the-art resistance machines. Your weight lifting plan needs to tackle all of your major muscles groups, and you should be strength training twice a week, according to most physical fitness experts. It's vital that your work out plans to build muscle include core training because your core muscles keep your lower and upper body muscles working in harmony, and a strong core helps you better perform daily activities.

Consider free weight exercises to gain muscle, or browse the Gold's Gym class schedule for group weight lifting workouts like BodyPump, our signature 60-minute class built on classic curls, squats, presses and lifts. Weight lifting provides benefits for younger and older exercisers alike, and a solid strength training program can help keep bones strong against osteoporosis. Combine strength training work out plans with healthy food choices, and be sure to get proper instruction for your free weight exercises. For customized strength training for women or men, chat with a Gold's Gym certified personal trainer about one-on-one sessions tailored to your fitness needs.

Your strength training workouts should challenge all of your major muscle groups. Muscle building workout routines can boost fat burning.

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Along with strength training workouts, look for cardio and flexibility and balance exercise routines.

For strength training workouts that bring the results you want, browse the class schedule at your nearest Gold's Gym, and try a sculpting and toning class or sign up for BodyPump, our signature weight lifting workout that's available at most Gold's fitness centers. You need strength training workout routines whether you're a man or woman, and we also offer experienced one-on-one muscle building sessions with a certified personal trainer. Weight lifting exercises will help you reach your fitness goals, whether you’re aiming to shed fat or shred a bodybuilder physique. Comprehensive work out plans should include strength training routines twice a week, according the most fitness experts, and these workouts to build muscle can include free weights, resistance machines, resistance bands and other strength training tools.

What are strength training workouts? Muscle building workout routines increase strength in your major muscle groups, which include your quads, calves, hamstrings, deltoids, biceps, triceps, pectorals and core muscles. Your weight lifting program should challenge all of these muscles for a balanced strength training plan that delivers fitness and muscular symmetry. Strength training work out plans offer benefits you might not have considered, such as increased fat burning by boosting metabolism, and weight lifting for building muscle exercises can also make bones stronger and retain muscle mass, which is lost as we age.

Strength training for women doesn't have to revolve around toning and shaping classes, so if you're a woman looking to gain muscle, consider weight lifting for building muscle. Women should know that workout routines like weight lifting and power lifting classes will not create bulky muscles, as women's physiology prevents women from gaining huge amounts of muscle mass. Look into free weight exercises with a Gold's Gym fitness coach, or try circuit-style muscle building workouts that use a variety of resistance machines, free weight exercises and body weight workouts. Some cardio work out plans also include strength training workouts with resistance tubing, light hand weights and exercise balls.

With personalized strength training workouts with a Gold's Gym fitness coach, you're certain to get customized exercises that match your fitness and health goals. Your workout routines to build muscle should be incorporated into an overall health and fitness program that includes smart meal, snack and beverage choices that give your body the fuel it needs to get stronger. Along with your strength training for women or men workout routines, vary your workout schedule with cardio sessions that get your heart rate pumping into the target zone. Add yoga to your work out plans and increase flexibility, coordination and balance while promoting an overall state of wellbeing through various postures, breathing and relaxing techniques.