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Cardio workouts are essential when you want to lose weight – or just get fitter. The best aerobic exercise routine for men and women starts with your preferences – do you like running on the treadmill while watching TV, dancing to the Latin beat in a Zumba class or doing high intensity interval training? Or try a combination: high intensity interval training one day and Zumba exercise class another. Whether you choose treadmill workouts or other cardio exercises, you'll want to feel like you've sufficiently challenged yourself in the workout – without getting bored or thinking about how much you hate every minute of the exercise. The best cardio workouts are fun!

Remember fat burning cardio workouts are only a part of an overall workout program. In addition to aerobic exercise workouts, you'll want to rotate in strength building exercises and yoga or Pilates to build muscles and to tone – especially if you're losing weight. Often high intensity interval training will include combinations of aerobic exercise and body weight exercise where you use your body's weight as the resistance for strength training. Or start with treadmill workouts to get your body warmed up, and then lift a few weights for a well-rounded workout.

All cardio workouts are not created equal. Some aerobic exercise includes fun dance moves, while other workouts feature high intensity interval training, where you're pushing it as hard as you can for brief periods of time, rotating with less intense periods of exercise.

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    Get More Out Of Treadmill Time Cardio Programs Cardio workouts for men and women never have to be boring – try jump rope workouts to treadmill workouts while watching feature-length movies. Also HIIT workouts, high intensity interval training exercises, are some of the most effective workout routines because you keep burning calories – and fat – even after you're done sweating. See More

Cardio exercises for men and women don't have to be boring when you have a variety of classes and gym equipment.

When you do cardio workouts on a consistent basis, you can do more than lose weight. With aerobic exercise routines, you can build a better life. Whether you do high intensity interval training for men and women in Gold's Gym classes or take one of our high-energy exercise classes, you will build a body that helps you keep up with everyday tasks, from walking up the steps at work to running after kids to taking long Sunday walks. Try everything from treadmill workouts to Latin music-inspired Zumba classes to find the right fat-burning cardio workouts.

The best cardio workouts start with fun – that's right, no dreading exercise as all pain and no fun means you'll never go back to the gym. Which aerobic exercise is fun? Some say high intensity interval training where you rotate going as hard as you can for short bursts of exercise with periods of rest with slower activity. Considered the best cardio workouts by busy people, these HIIT workouts are fat burning exercises that keep on burning calories after you're done sweating. Others will say treadmill workouts that offer a steady pace are just right – especially people who watch feature-length movies as they work out on the treadmills and other cardio equipment in our innovative Cardio Cinemas in many of our gyms.

Only doing cardio workouts is a common mistake when people start exercising. While aerobic exercise is absolutely key to fat burning and weight loss, this exercise is not the only type needed. In addition to high intensity interval training, try lifting weights that will not only help tone your muscles but will build muscle mass which the latest research suggests helps to increase metabolism for more burn when you do cardio. And combine treadmill workouts and other cardio exercises with yoga and Pilates to increase flexibility and to just relax. Recent weight loss research shows that reducing stress helps decrease weight gain.

Finally, when doing cardio workouts, be flexible. Aerobic exercise routines that work today might not tomorrow – these workouts might simply begin to bore you – or your body might get so used to the workouts, you won't see the results you want. Or you may love high intensity interval training today, but as you workout, you might discover working out on the treadmill better fits your lifestyle and your body's needs. Whether you choose treadmill workouts or any other aerobic exercises, the most important thing is to keep moving for a healthy lifestyle.