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Try exercise programs you haven’t done before by checking them out online and in person at Gold’s Gym. We have group exercise programs with specific end goals in mind, such as improving balance and posture in yoga. Or try Pilates exercise classes where you boost muscle control and stability. If yoga and Pilates exercises aren’t up your alley, consider joining a weight lifting class to push, pull and lift your way to better health.

Jump into exercise programs that are upbeat and get you moving, such as Zumba where you dance and shake it to lose pounds while listening to Latin music. Group exercise programs don’t have to be boring, especially if you join with a friend and keep each other motivated throughout your wellness process. All our exercise classes are led by professional fitness coaches who also help provide encouragement and are available to answer your workout related questions. With everything from Pilates classes to HIIT and more, there’s a fun program out there for every workout preference.

Choose exercise programs that fit your end goals, whether you’re bulking up those guns or wanting to trim your waistline. Group exercise programs offer workout information as well as a friendly and motivational environment to keep you on track.

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Work in new exercise programs such as weight lifting to improve performance in aerobic based activities.

You’ll love exercise programs at Gold’s Gym for the amount of variety there is to choose from. Join group exercise programs if you’re new to working out and you’ll learn important basics. Exercise classes aren’t just for gym newbies, though, with varying levels of difficulty so everyone who joins gets a great workout. Try yoga or Pilates classes to work on balance and muscle control or head into a signature Gold’s class like BodyAttack where you combine forms of martial arts to gain strength and balance.

Rest assured our exercise programs are designed to get results, whether you want to beef up or lean out. All our group exercise programs are led by fitness coach professionals who are nationally accredited and dedicated to helping you achieve new wellness heights. Exercise classes aren’t the only benefit of joining a local Gold’s Gym because you get access to one-on-one personal training opportunities. Do Pilates exercises, targeted muscle group exercises, weight lifting routines and more with a certified trainer on hand to help guide and answer any questions you have.

Look for new exercise programs to try so you don’t get bored with existing routines. Group exercise programs are fun and social, giving you something to look forward to during the day. Exercise classes are available all through the day, so be sure to check the schedule at the Gold’s Gym nearest you to sign up. Try Pilates exercises, yoga or just learn new lifts that target your back, chest and other specific muscle groups.

There are no secret exercise programs that work better for men vs. women and vice versa. All our group exercise programs are designed to be effective for anyone who joins, regardless of gender or even age. We have exercises classes specially developed for seniors in the Silver Sneakers program to help your golden years be as vibrant as possible. You’ll learn Pilates exercises for better balance and toning exercises to keep muscles strong for longer lasting endurance.
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