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Cardio workouts for women and men can be as complicated or simple as you like. Some like HIIT workouts, which are high intensity interval training where you rotate working out at maximum effort for short periods with short slower periods, because they take less time and keep working even after you're done exercising. Others like fat burning workouts that involve workout machines like ellipticals or treadmills. And still others use jump rope workouts and Zumba classes for weight loss and overall fitness. For beginning to advanced cardio workouts, the most important thing is to pick cardio exercises that work best with your life and your goals.

Cardio workouts at the gym make it easy to get a variety of fat burning workouts – and setting days to go to the gym, especially with friends, helps create a foundation to a healthy lifestyle. You can more easily do HIIT workouts, run on the treadmill and take classes. But you'll discover fat burning workouts at the gym are complemented with cardio exercises at home. Create jump rope workouts at home, or simply challenge yourself to walk more – parking the car longer distances from the office and stores, taking the stairs instead of elevator and walking places rather than driving. Adding these fat burning exercises to everyday will add up to even more weight loss and a lifetime of fitness.

Get fit with cardio workouts that are effective and fun. Try HIIT workouts, Zumba classes, jump rope workouts and more to keep your cardio exercises fun and interesting.

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Cardio workouts at home complement fat burning exercises at the gym – for an all-around weight loss program for women and men.

Cardio workouts for men and women don't have to be long, grueling no-fun fat burning sessions. Try HIIT workouts for highly efficient exercises where you rotate short periods of intense exercises with slower periods, or slip into a Zumba class for fun dancing to Latin beats. The fat burning workouts that are the most effective are the ones you joy – not the ones you do because someone told you they are good for you. Even jump rope workouts are effective if you love doing the exercise because when you enjoy any workout, you will make a point of doing your cardio exercises at home and at the gym.

Cardio workouts are essential for when you want to lose weight – or develop six-pack abs. HIIT workouts, or high intensity interval training exercises, are so effective in weight loss because research has shown that you continue to burn calories even after you're done sweating. Fat burning exercises will also help build your cardiovascular capacity and help you feel better every day – meaning you'll feel like being more active each day, burning even more fat. So whether you choose jump rope workouts or other advanced to beginning cardio workouts, you'll be torching the calories and fat in your pursuit of your six pack.

Cardio workouts are just part of successful weight loss – and a healthy way of maintaining any weight loss. Rotate HIIT workouts with other exercises like weight lifting and yoga to have a well-rounded workout schedule. Weight lifting aids fat burning cardio exercises because as you build more muscles, research has shown your metabolism usually improves and those additional muscles burn more energy. In addition to jump rope workouts, you will also want to try yoga or Pilates to help build core muscles and increase flexibility – and reduce stress. Recent studies have shown weight loss is difficult if you're too stressed.

When beginning cardio workouts, start slow and gradually build to more intense workouts. When doing HIIT workouts or other beginner cardio workouts, also try a variety to keep your interest high. As you do fat burning workouts, you'll begin to notice you're feeling better and clothes will start fitting better. For the best weight loss workouts for men and women, make cardio workouts the heart of a new healthy life.
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