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Lean out with a Gold's Gym Ohio location using top-quality resistance machines and cardio equipment. At Gold's Cleveland OH gym, and other Gold's fitness clubs in Akron, join an energizing fitness class to get the results you want. At both Akron Ohio gyms hop on a bike in spinning classes or dance to weight loss in Zumba. With a Gold's Gym membership you gain access to more than just the right equipment and result-producing classes.

Chat with a Gold's Gym Ohio fitness coach to get tips on dieting and new exercises to achieve your health and fitness goals. Fitness experts at Cleveland OH Gold's Gym are always ready to help you maximize results with one-on-one nutrition counseling. Also at the Akron Ohio gyms, fitness experts are world-class coaches with everything you need to know about using losing weight or bulking up. Try a Gold's Gym membership with a FREE pass and see why Gold's Gym is seen as the standard for health clubs.

Gain strength with Gold's Gym Ohio locations and the high-energy group fitness classes provided. In the Gold's Cleveland OH gym, or the two conveniently located Akron Ohio gym locations, lose weight and build muscle with best in the industry resistance and cardio equipment.

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  • 41.0830643
    Akron Fitness Classes, Gold's Gym Hours, Akron Gold's Gym Personal Training & Pilates Classes (2 Gyms )
    Akron Gold's Gym Akron Locations, Ohio Gold's Gym Membership, Class Schedule & Kid's Club Hours Lose weight at Akron Gold’s Gym locations with a Gold’s Gym membership that gives you access to friendly fitness experts ready to assist you. Knowledgeable personal trainers offer workout techniques, nutritional counseling and stress management sessions. See More
  • 41.5051613
    Cleveland Free Pass Golds Gym, Golds Gyms Ohio & Cleveland Golds Gym (1 Gym )
    Cleveland Golds Gym Cleveland, Cleveland OH Golds Gym & Local Gym Membership Fitness classes at Gold’s Cleveland gym include everything from soothing yoga classes to high-intensity cycling and Zumba. At your Gold’s Gym location, such as the conveniently located Gold’s Gym Cleveland OH, there is something for everyone to get fit. See More
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  • 41.431659
    Biddulph Plaza

    6700 Biddulph Road

    Cleveland, OH 44144


    View Gym Details OH Fitness Experts & OH Personal Training, Biddulph Plaza OH Gold's Gym Hours, Cleveland OH Gyms, Cleveland Gold's Gyms View gym page
    Biddulph Plaza Biddulph Plaza Cleveland OH Gyms, Biddulph Plaza Cleveland OH Gold's Gym, Cleveland Personal Training, Cleveland Gold's Gym Hours Tone up at Gold's Biddulph Plaza gym with a core strengthening session, and ask a personal training coach to spot you during your routine to ensure that you're hitting the proper form. Cycle at the Gold's Gym Biddulph Plaza Cleveland OH local gym in your area, and then take a yoga class to improve flexibility and balance. See more
  • 41.115484
    Chapel Hill Crossing

    1850 Buchholzer Blvd

    Akron, OH 44310


    View Gym Details View gym page
    Chapel Hill Crossing Join your convenient Chapel Hill Crossing gold's Gym for a unique array of fitness classes ranging from muscle building weight lifting to mind and body soothing yoga classes. This Gold's Gym in Akron OH is staffed with highly trained fitness experts who can plan individualized workout and dieting programs. See more
  • 41.028861
    South Plaza

    426 E. Waterloo Road

    Akron, OH 44301


    View Gym Details South Plaza Akron OH Gyms, Gold's Akron OH Gyms, OH Gold's Gym Fitness Classes & Gym Hours, OH Gold's Gym Class Schedules View gym page
    South Plaza South Plaza OH Gold's Gyms, Gold's Gym OH Class Schedules & Hours, Akron OH Fitness Classes Try Gold's new South Plaza gym with a Gold's Gym FREE pass, and see for yourself why more than 3 millions exercisers around the globe keep coming back to Gold's Gyms. Fitness classes at the Gold's Gym Akron OH facility include total body conditioning workouts that mix cardio segments with strength training routines. See more

Visit a Golds Gym Ohio location in Cleveland and Akron for top of the line amenities and equipment to lose weight, build muscle and increase strength.

Achieve fitness goals at Gold's Gym Ohio convenient locations so you're certain to find a Gold's fitness gym near you. At the Cleveland OH gym, and our other Ohio Gold's Gyms, get fit and have fun doing it in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. Helpful staff in Akron Ohio gyms and best-in-the-business fitness experts are ready to help you achieve individual health and fitness goals. With a Gold's Gym membership to any of the Gold's Ohio fitness clubs, you get the right equipment and the best fitness coaches in the industry.

Stop by a Gold's Gym Ohio location in either Cleveland or Akron to meet up with a personal trainer and chat about dieting or plan out an entire workout program. The helpful Cleveland OH gym trainers also lead stress management classes so you feel healthy both inside and out. At an Akron Ohio gym learn new workouts so you never get bored while improving your health and get one-on-one help with weight lifting techniques and strength training. A Gold's Gym membership gives you access to everything necessary for weight loss and muscle building.

Fitness classes at Gold's Gym Ohio fitness centers get your body moving with classes designed for every fitness level. Members of the Cleveland OH gym love the wide range of exercise programs available including gentle yoga to intense full-body signature Gold's classes. Join us at an Akron Ohio gym for dynamic cardio like kickboxing or dance-inspired Zumba that feels more like a fun night at the club than a workout. Try a Gold's Gym membership to find the right workout class to keep you motivated and having fun while gaining strength and confidence.

Your Gold's Gym Ohio locations are your family fitness centers designed with everything to support a healthy and happy family. Check convenient hours at Cleveland OH gyms for Kid's Club times, where you drop off kids to be entertained right on site while you get in a great workout. At an Akron Ohio gym, you have the option of working out early in the morning or late into the evening so exercise when it fits in your schedule. Grab a Gold's Gym membership FREE pass to explore all the benefits of being part of the health club industry leader.
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