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Take fitness classes at Gold's Gym Missouri locations across the state. Gold's Gym Fenton MO caters to the young and old with classes like BODYJAM and classes designed for older adults in one local fitness center. Our Gold's Gym Florissant MO boasts nutrition counseling and personal training so members can get fit both inside and out. And our Gold's Gym Dorsett like many of our other gyms has a FREE on-site Kid's Club so parents can always get in a workout and even a little downtime in the sauna afterwards.

At our Gold's Gym Missouri locations, you'll love our state-of-the-art cardio and resistance equipment. Drop in to Gold's Gym Fenton MO and other Missouri gyms for amenities like roomy locker rooms, cycling studios, signature classes and much more. Our Gold's Gym Florissant MO has an indoor lap pool for aqua fitness, swimming laps and just cooling off. Like other gyms, Gold's Gym Dorsett features BODYPUMP and BODYJAM, which combine elements from barbell and dance workouts for calorie-crushing workouts.

Most Gold's Gym Missouri locations have FREE on-site Kid's Clubs where your children can be entertained and have a blast. Our Gold's Gym Fenton MO, Florissant MO, Dorsett and Kansas City are just a few that offer this convenient amenity.

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Working out at Gold's Gym Missouri gives members almost endless options for burning calories so workouts never get stale.

At Gold's Gym Missouri, drop in and get a FREE class pass to try out one of your favorite workouts or a whole new group fitness class. Gold's Gym Fenton MO not only has FREE passes that give you an all-access look at everything Gold's Gym has to offer. Like Gold's Gym Fenton, Gold's Gym Florissant MO is proud to show off all of their amenities to potential members. Gold's Gym Dorsett, Gold's Gym Kansas City MO and other Gold's local gyms are sure to have everything you're looking for in the health and fitness department and much, much more.

Many Gold's Gym Missouri locations have indoor lap pools that are ideal for low impact workouts. Our Gold's Gym Fenton MO has an aqua fitness class that marries strength and endurance training with aerobic segments and upper body strength routines. Take the plunge at Gold's Gym Florissant MO too, and log laps into your workout journal while preserving your joints. While Gold's Gym Dorsett doesn't have a swimming pool, you can still unwind and sweat out the toxins in the sauna after a grueling workout.

Shoot for three at Gold's Gym Missouri locations. Our Gold's Gym Fenton MO offers a basketball court, which is a nice complement to your usual weight lifting, strength training or group fitness class routine. Join Gold's Gym Florissant MO and join in some pick-up games or get your buddies together for some three-on-three action. Gold's Gym Dorsett may not have a basketball court, but there are plenty of other amenities like personal training, nutrition counseling, a sauna, designated cycling studio and on-site Kid's Club.

Find your closest Gold's Gym Missouri, and get started on your weight loss, strength training, muscle building and stress management goals. Whether it's Gold's Gym Fenton MO or Gold's Gym Kansas City MO, fitness experts are on staff to lead yoga classes, Pilates classes, BODYJAM, BODYPUMP, BODYFLOW, BODYSTEP, aqua fitness and other great group fitness classes. Fitness experts at Gold's Gym Florissant MO and our other health clubs want to help you get fit and healthy from the inside out. Our Gold's Gym Dorsett also offers nutrition counseling instead of encouraging fad dieting for long-lasting results.
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