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Shed pounds at the Gold's Gym Arizona fitness gyms close to you or shred beach body-worthy muscles. Expert trainers at Gold's AZ gyms can guide beginning exercisers through their first workouts, and create routines that help experienced athletes break through fitness plateaus. While at the Gold's Gym Avondale health club, head to the Cardio Cinema and hop on a treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical machine while catching a blockbuster movie in this theater-size workout space. Sculpt your body at Gold's Gym Gilbert, and other Gold's Gym locations, in a body shaping group exercise class that uses light weights, resistance bands and your own body weight to lengthen and strengthen muscles.

Kids at many Gold's Gym Arizona fitness clubs near you can play in our adult-supervised Kid's Clubs, and several Kid's Clubs, including the Kid's Club at the Gold's Gym in Avondale, are open every day of the week. Visit any Gold's AZ gym with a Gold's Gym FREE pass, which you can obtain online, over the phone or at the front desk of any Gold's Gym location. Try Pilates at the Gold's Gym Avondale family fitness center, as well as many other Gold's Gyms, and improve posture, muscular symmetry and grace with these concentrated stretches created by Joseph Pilates. Kick and punch at Gold's Gym Gilbert in a high-energy cardio class inspired by several martial arts disciplines, and many more AZ Gold's Gyms also program fiercely fun, kickboxing-style workouts.

Blast calories at Gold's Gym Arizona health and fitness clubs and shred those last few pounds you've always wanted to lose. Carve muscles at Gold's AZ gyms using our state-of-the-art strength training machines.

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  • Avondale (Now Open) Avondale Avondale Gym Locations, Workout Class Schedules, Avondale Gold's Gyms, AZ Best Personal Trainers, Get Fit AZ & Health Club Hours (1 Gyms)
    Avondale (Now Open) Avondale Avondale Gold's Gym Locations, Fitness Class Schedules, AZ Strength Training Gyms, Avondale Weight Loss Trainers, Yoga and Pilates Fitness Experts, Exercise Fitness Coaches, Muscle Building Diet Advice, Best Cardio Workout Tips & Local Gold's Gym Hours Use your Gold's Gym Avondale AZ Gold's Gym FREE pass to learn Pilates, and then jump into Zumba for a fun, dance-based cardio group workout. Get fit at Gold's Avondale gym when it's convenient for you because this AZ Gold's Gym is open 24 hours. See More
  • Gilbert Mesa Gold's Gym Mesa Location, Mesa AZ Gym Pass & Gold's Membership (1 Gyms)
    Gilbert Mesa Mesa AZ Gold's Gym, Free Gym Pass & Mesa Gold's Gym Locations Gold's Gym Mesa AZ features the latest training equipment, including including elliptical trainers, treadmills and exercise bikes and a vast selection of free weights and benches. Visit our Mesa gym or any of our Gold's Gym locations and ask about our FREE pass. See More
  • Peoria (Thunderbird Plaza) Peoria Peoria Gym Locations, Fitness Class Schedules, AZ Gold's Gyms, Peoria Muscle Building, Health and Fitness Clubs & Cardio Exercise Group (1 Gyms)
    Peoria (Thunderbird Plaza) Peoria Peoria Gold's Gym Locations, Workout Class Schedules, Peoria AZ Fitness Clubs, Local Personal Training, Yoga Fitness Experts, Best Pilates Coaches, Weight Lifting Workouts, Weight Loss Plans, Muscle Building Exercises, Healthy Fitness Programs & Local Gold's Gym Hours Get fit at the Gold's Gym Peoria AZ fitness club day or night because we stay open 24 hours a day. Activate your Gold's Peoria gym Gold's Gym FREE pass and jump into Zumba for a high-powered cardio party that blasts through the calories. See More
  • Phoenix (Downtown) Phoenix Phoenix Gym Locations, Workout Class Schedules, AZ Exercise Trainers, Fun Cardio Workouts, Phoenix Fitness Clubs & Best Nutritional Diet Counseling (2 Gyms)
    Phoenix (Downtown) Phoenix Phoenix Gold's Gym Locations, Exercise Class Schedules, AZ Workout Clubs, Phoenix Fitness Experts, Pilates Fitness Coach, Weight Lifting Trainers, Weight Loss Management Tips, Healthy Muscle Building Diets, Strength Training Fitness Clubs & Local Gold's Gym Hours Gold's Phoenix gyms with personal trainers and nutrition counselors are your destination for health and wellness. Gold's Gym Phoenix AZ fitness clubs can help you lose weight, build strength and mobility and relieve stress. See More
  • North Scottsdale Scottsdale Scottsdale Gym Locations, Exercise Class Schedules, Gold's Gym Scottsdale AZ, Cardio Fitness Trainers, Best Workout Plans & Diet Counseling (1 Gyms)
    North Scottsdale Scottsdale Scottsdale Gold's Gym Locations, Workout Class Schedules, AZ Fitness Experts, Scottsdale Personal Training, Pilates Fitness Experts, Fitness Weight Training Coaches, Weight Lifting Exercise Tips, Muscle Building Fitness, Fun Health and Fitness Clubs & Local Gold's Gym Hours Ask a coach at Gold's Gym North Scottsdale AZ location to assess your fitness and create customized exercise routines for you. Check out Gold's North Scottsdale gym with a temporary Gold's Gym membership and try a fun and challenging cardio, strength training or yoga group workout. See More
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Fitness classes at Gold's Gym Arizona locations are fun and challenging and led by expert and experienced fitness coaches.

Find conveniently located Gold's Gym Arizona health and fitness clubs near you, from Peoria AZ to Mesa AZ. Each Gold's AZ gym boasts state-of-the-art cardio and resistance machines as well as numerous full sets of free weights, cutting down wait time for the equipment you need to get in great shape. Open 24 hours, the Gold's Gym Avondale fitness center lets you fit a workout in no matter how crazy your schedule, and several other Gold's Gym locations remain open all day and all night. Find classes at the Gold's Gym Gilbert health club, and our other Gold's Gyms, that meet your fitness level, whether you're a newbie exerciser or an experienced sports competitor.

At the Gold's Gym Arizona fitness centers, working out doesn't have to feel like working out, thanks to exceptional fitness facilities that take the edge off of exercising. Many Gold's AZ gyms, including the Gold's Gym Peoria location, feature a women's only workout space for added privacy and comfort. Watch feature films at Gold's Gym Avondale while blasting through calories in our inventive Cardio Cinema, and you'll find a Cardio Cinema at many other Gold's Gyms across AZ as well. Ease muscle soreness at Gold's Gym Gilbert location in the sauna or steam room, a popular recreational amenity that also pops up at several more AZ Gold's Gyms.

Sweat at a Gold's Gym Arizona fitness club near you in a demanding, but rewarding, group exercise class that tests your limits. Most Gold's AZ gyms offer Zumba, or another dance fitness workout, in their weekly Gold's Gym class schedules, and these cardio parties fuse fun choreography with can't-stand-still rhythms and beats. Maximize your time at Gold's Gym Avondale location with a high intensity interval training class that improves athletic performance, increases fat burning and boosts endorphin levels. Take BodyPump at the Gold's Gym Gilbert, Gold's Gym Avondale or Gold's Gym Peoria health and fitness club for a hard-driving weight lifting workout that tackles every major muscle group, and BodyPump is offered at many other AZ Gold's Gyms, too.

Certified personal trainers staff Gold's Gym Arizona locations, and these fitness pros can tackle any questions you might have, including questions about weight loss, diet and menu planning. Kids at many Gold's AZ gyms take part in creative activities in our Kid's Clubs, which are supervised by adults, so Moms and Dads can concentrate on their cardio, flexibility and strength training sessions. Stretch out at the Gold's Gym Avondale fitness gym close to you in the dedicated yoga and Pilates studio. Fitness experts at the Gold's Gym Gilbert fitness center, or any of our Gold's gyms, can assess your fitness level and design exercise routines tailored to your skills and long-term health objectives.
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