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Get pumped with these arm workouts for men, and add functional fitness training to get the most out of strenuous training sessions at Gold’s gyms near you. When you combine the best workout routines for big guns with functional fitness training, you can improve your balance, agility, flexibility, strength and endurance, according to a study from the American Council on Exercise. Functional fitness training teaches your muscles to work together, so that every day tasks like working on job sites or moving heavy furniture is easier to accomplish. And the arm workout plans below help you zone in on all of your arm muscles, not just your biceps.

The Ultimate Arms Workout

Burn and firm your biceps and triceps with these four moves from Gold’s Gym personal trainer Sean Meehan.

Whether you want big biceps or toned triceps, this arm workout can help you get great-looking arms—but that’s not the only reason to try these moves.

• Your biceps and triceps are essential muscles that you use every day to do basic things like lift groceries or move a chair. Keeping them in shape ensures that you won’t be easily fatigued or injured.

• Many people make the mistake of working only their “show muscles” in the front. When working their biceps to the exclusion of the triceps, they fail to strengthen the whole arm. That imbalance can also lead to injury.

So check out the Ultimate Arms Workout with Gold’s Gym personal trainer Sean Meehan to find out how to get chiseled guns with just four basic moves. Make sure to pay special attention to his notes on proper form and technique.
Get stronger with these arm workouts that target your biceps and triceps, and get the carved guns you strive for when working out at your local Gold’s gym. The best workout routines also include exercises for your whole body, so add in functional fitness training to help you get a total body workout. Functional fitness training zeroes in on all of your major muscle groups with exercises that mimic movements you do at home, work or during sports, and the “key to functional exercise is integration – teaching all the muscles to work together rather than isolating them to work independently,” according to And maximize your workout plan by getting your heart pumping with cardio exercise on the treadmill or elliptical.

If you’re just starting arm workouts, ask one of our Gold’s fitness trainers to teach you proper form and technique to avoid injury. And get the best workout routines when you sign up for personal training sessions with Gold’s fitness trainers who can balance your arm workouts with functional fitness training and cardio to help you get a rock hard body that’s healthy and fit. During functional fitness training sessions, our trainers may use everything from kettle bells to fitness balls and weights to trim and tone your body. And your workout plan can also include an array of boot camp-style exercises and strength training depending on your specific goals.