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Take this fun exercise routine quiz to decipher your gym type, and then use the result tips below to craft your perfect workout at Gold’s Gyms near you. All types benefit from exercise equipment workouts like running on treadmills or training on rowing machines to burn loads of calories fast, and group fitness classes can also provide a multitude of ways to torch calories and melt fat. Whether you try Pilates exercise classes to carve your core or booty-shaking Zumba to get your heart pumping, Gold’s offer classes to cover all the five main areas of fitness – strength training, cardiovascular training, stretching, balance training and core stability. And ask about exercise workouts with personal trainers if you need help setting fitness goals, or are ready to commit to a full personal fitness training program.

What's Your Gym Type?

Zero in on your fitness personality with this quiz—crafted by Gold’s Gym Fitness experts—then learn how to mix up your routine for a better workout.

We got in touch with two Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute members to help you identify your fitness personality. Belisa Vranich, a clinical psychologist and author of Get a Grip: Your Two-Week Mental Makeover, helped us craft insightful questions; and Robert Reames, author of Make Over Your Metabolism, gave us suggestions for how each personality can revamp or adjust their workout for the best results. To get started, take the seven question quiz.
The results of this exercise routine quiz give you insight into your gym type, and offer just a glimpse of the different ways you can add variety and excitement to your Gold’s fitness center routine. Fitness Fledgling? Try new exercise equipment, and don’t be afraid to ask one of our Gold’s fitness experts to show you proper form and technique. Gym Butterfly? Join Pilates exercise classes where you lengthen and strengthen your muscles, and enjoy the feeling of connectedness you experience when working out with a group of likeminded individuals. Daily Grinders jump into exercise workouts like Tabata where you can take your athletic performance to the next level with high intensity interval training that sears calories and promotes weight loss.

No matter your exercise routine results, consider consulting a personal fitness trainer at a Gold’s fitness club near you if you hit a plateau, or if you need assistance implementing any of the suggestions listed below. From exercise equipment workouts using medicine balls and resistance bands to explosive plyometric exercise and deep stretching, Gold’s fitness trainers choose the training style and exercises that best match your fitness goals, level of fitness and personality. Sometimes workouts may include Pilates exercises to tighten your core and improve your flexibility, and other times workouts might be focused on building your endurance and power with high intensity interval training. Schedule a few personal exercise workouts with a trainer to help you push past your fitness roadblocks, or schedule a bunch if personal training is the fitness style for you.