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Make these fitness program ideas a part of your exercise routine, and partner them with wise food choices to take control of your health and fitness during the holidays and before and after special events. Keep healthy snacks on hand so that if you miss a meal because of your busy schedule, you don’t have to rely on fast food and high calorie treats. Stick to healthy eating by keeping your home, office and car stocked with healthy 100 calorie snacks such as almonds, bananas or air-popped corn. And squeeze your fitness plan into your holiday schedule by following the tips below such as getting up earlier, exercising during part of your lunch hour or doing higher intensity workouts for a shorter period of time at your local Gold’s Gym.

5 Ways to Fit In Fitness

The holiday rush is upon us, so here are ways even the busiest person can sneak in workouts and still socialize in style.

As the holidays approach, the days get shorter and so, it seems, does your free time. So how do you make sure to stay in shape with a tighter schedule? We found five different ways to fit-in fitness throughout the day without cutting into your social agenda.

1: Wake up and work out

If you know you have a packed afternoon or a party to attend, then skip hitting the snooze button and start your day with this mini-workout. It will get your heart racing before your first cup of coffee—and you don’t even need to put on shoes!

3–5 sets of 10
Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Slowly lower your bottom like you would to sit down in a chair. Keep your back straight and chin up. Lower as far as you can while keeping your knees parallel with your ankles. Then slowly stand back up.
Works: Lower body

3–5 sets of 10
Lie facedown with your hands slightly more than shoulder-width apart and your feet together. Keeping your body straight, push up with your arms to support yourself on your hands and toes. To modify for less effort, lower your knees to the floor.
Works: Arms, back and chest

3 sets of 20
Lie on your back. Place your hands behind your head. Lift your legs off the ground. Extend the right leg out while bringing your left knee toward your chest. Lift your head, neck and shoulders up and reach with your right elbow across your body toward your left knee. Lower back down. Repeat on opposite side.
Works: Core

2: Leg it at lunch

If you can take a true lunch hour, spend it on the stairwell in your office or walk a few laps around your work building. You can easily burn 200 calories and still have plenty of time to eat lunch.

3: Pump up during prime time
You don’t have to be on a treadmill to work out and watch TV—just clear out some space in front of the couch before you queue up the DVR. You can skip rope (a quality one can be bought for under $9 on or get in some jumping jacks. Invite over a few friends to sweat along.

Spend commercials doing planks:

3 sets at 30 seconds
Lie facedown on a mat. Push off from your chest, resting on your forearms and toes. Keep your back flat, in a straight line from head to heels.

3 sets at 30 seconds
Begin facedown with your elbows resting on the floor or a mat. Rotate to the right side then push up so you are resting on your right forearm and outer right foot, with your hips and back in alignment. Try not to let your hips sag. Repeat on left side.

4: Increase your intensity

Want to hit the gym but still make it to the cocktail party? Cut down on your gym time by increasing the intensity of your workout so you can burn more calories in less time. A few things to try:
Increase the level of resistance on the elliptical trainer, stationary bike or stair stepper.
Try interval training.
Incorporate plyometrics into your strength training.
Put the treadmill on an incline and step up your speed.

5: Get more out of chores

Volunteer to be the official leaf-raker or snow-shoveler in your household—you’ll get lots of goodwill and a good workout. Plus, you burn more calories in cold weather than in warm. You can also sneak in some power walking on your next grocery trip by parking at the outer ring of the lot.

Disclaimer: The calories burned in each of these fitness moves was calculated for a 150 pound person exercising at a moderate to vigorous level.

Don’t let your fitness program fall to the wayside during the holidays and special events by following these five fitness tips, and making smart nutritional choices. At parties, choose healthy snacks and appetizers like shrimp cocktail or bruschetta , and try alternating alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks or water to stay hydrated and reduce calorie consumption . Commit to healthy eating daily so that when holiday meals or parties do roll around, you can afford to splurge a little without worrying about packing on extra pounds. And tweak your fitness plans to include extra minutes on the treadmill or an express group cardio class if you do decide to have that second helping of stuffing or glass of wine.

Figuring out a fitness program that fits into your already tight schedule can be hard, so make the most of these five essential fitness tips, and enlist the help of a fitness trainer at a Gold’s family fitness center near you if you need extra help. Fitness trainers can suggest healthy snacks and drinks to keep your energy high even during long days at the office or back-to-back parties, and they can design personalized workout plans for you that maximize your gym time, whether you have 30 minutes to spare or a whole hour. Ask trainers for healthy eating tips at parties and restaurants, and keep a food diary to help you maintain your weight. And stick to your fitness plan so that when the season of parties and events passes, you aren’t left with an extra 15 pounds to lose.