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Your weight loss for men program can benefit from regular workouts with a loved one, but these exercise sessions can start out small and work up to full workouts. Whether you're tackling exercise to lose weight with your spouse, sibling, or friend, "start small," suggests the weight loss and health experts at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and begin by "taking a walk after dinner twice a week, or do crunches (sit-ups) while you (both) watch TV." Before exercising at Gold's health clubs near you together, ease into by learning new stretches and warm up exercises as team, or get up a bit earlier so you can go for a brisk walk together before breakfast. If you're both in weight loss programs, consider joining a group workout class together at the Gold's Gym in your area.

Transformation Tuesday: Doug Toleman

He joined Gold’s Gym on a mission to help his wife, not realizing he’d also save himself.

Name: Doug Toleman

Lost: 21.4 lbs., 5 inches and 15.6% body fat

His story: My wife enrolled us as a family at Gold’s Gym due to her medical issues… Little did I know, my mission to help her get on track would transform my whole family. My wife, son and I now go to the gym four days a week, eat healthier and spend more quality time together. Thank you Gold’s Gym!

Doug Toleman's weight loss for men workout and eating plan helped the Gold's Gym member lose over 21 pounds, five inches and 15.6 percent body fat. To exercise to lose weight, Toleman, his wife and his son joined their local Gold's family fitness center, and now Toleman works out with his family four times a week. Did you know that weight loss programs that include regularly working out with family, friends or loved ones yield special benefits? A best way to lose weight can be by exercising with friends and family, who can provide extra support for your fitness goals, note the weight loss and fitness experts at WebMD, and exercisers who work out with exercise partners tend to stay with their programs and reach their goals more successfully than other exercisers.

For weight loss for men, consider working out with your spouse, girlfriend, brother, sister or someone else you're close to, and you'll have someone you trust and look up to who can make sure you hit the gym—even when you're tempted to skip a workout. When you exercise to lose weight with a pal, spouse or loved one, you're also strengthening your bond with that person. Weight loss programs experts at WebMD ask you to "Think of what exercising with a partner can do for a relationship, whether it's with a spouse, a sibling, or a friend." Head to your Gold's fitness center near you to work out with someone you're close with, and also consider work in meeting that friend, spouse or sister "for tennis or an aerobics class instead of lunch," to get in more fitness time, suggests WebMD.