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Gold’s gym fitness trainer Ramona Braganza offers some great ideas for crushing calories when you’re crunched for time, and you can get a total body workout when you mix these cardio routines with strength training at Gold’s fitness clubs near you. Choosing the right fitness equipment to target all of your major muscle groups can be challenging, so ask a fitness trainer for help. For women’s and men’s fitness, the fitness experts at the American Council on Exercise suggest “choosing a weight that is relatively light so you can establish your stability and baseline strength.” And start fitness workouts with 10 to 15 repetitions with light weights, and then increase your weight for second and third sets if you are stable and comfortable.”

The Ultimate Quick Cardio

Time-crunched? Gold’s gym fitness institute trainer ramona braganza helps you burn calories fast with these great workouts.

Some days making time to exercise isn’t that simple. Whether you are trying to fit in your cardio workout during a short lunch break, or just want to get your heart rate up before the sun goes down, celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza has some ideas for you. Make sure to do a quick warm-up like a one or two minute power walk or jog before you get started.


If you have five minutes, hit the treadmill for some interval sprinting. Make sure to choose a machine that has side shoulders wide enough to rest your feet.

Begin by standing on the treadmill shoulders.

Set the treadmill speed 1.5 levels above the setting at which you normally run. So if you normally set the treadmill at 7.5 for a good run, kick it up to 9 for your sprints.

Hop onto the treadmill and sprint for 10 seconds.

Hop off, placing your feet on either side of the tread, for 20 seconds and completely rest.

10 sets

If you have a bit more time, add a three-minute warm up (one minute walk, plus a two-minute jog) before the sprint/rest sets and finish up with a four-minute jog.

There is a big difference between running and sprinting–a difference you can feel. “The work time should be hard enough that you need the recovery,” says Braganza. If you aren’t ready to rest after each sprint, increase the speed on the treadmill.


If you are bored of the treadmill, then try Braganza’s four-part, 10-minute “kick-butt kickbox.”

Heavy bag, alternating between hitting the bag with jab crosses and kicks: 1 minute

Squats: 1 minute

Crunches: 1 minute

*Cycle through the moves until your time runs out.


If you want to really focus on strengthening your lower-body, this sweat-inducing combo of lunges and jump squats will do it.

March in place: 15 seconds

Rear lunges (step right leg back keeping weight centered, drop right knee down until left knee is parallel over the ankle, stand back up then alternate legs): 8 reps on each side

Squat jumps (when squatting, make sure not to let your knees go in front of your toes): 10 reps

Step side to side touching opposite foot in front of the other while you raise and lower your arms: 30 seconds

Cycle through these moves until your time runs out.


Don’t read on the treadmill. That magazine could be lulling you into a less-strenuous workout.

If there is a choice between a sitting move and a standing move, choose the upright one; instead of a recumbent bike, choose an upright bike or, even better, the elliptical or treadmill. When weightlifting, instead of performing seated shoulder press or lateral raises, try them standing.

Keep tabs on your heart rate. This will help you gauge if your training is too easy, too hard or just right. An easy way to determine your heart rate while doing your cardio is to get a heart rate monitor. Don’t forget: To determine your maximum heart rate, subtract your age from 220. To find out what your heart rate range should be, multiply your maximum heart rate by .85 to get your high-intensity target number and .60 for your low-intensity target number.

Swap out a gym day for a romp outside. Not only do your feet have to work harder to keep you balanced with all of the terrain changes when exercising in the natural world, but working out outside is a great cure for boredom. “You have to pay attention when you run outside,” says Braganza. Look for stairs and inclines like hills to tackle on your next hike.
Implement these tips from fitness trainer Ramona Braganza, and soon you’ll see how easy it is to squeeze an extra workout at Gold’s fitness centers into your schedule. Add strength training with fitness equipment like hand weights and resistance machines to balance these cardio workouts. Women’s and men’s fitness routines that include strength training not only help tone your body but “when done properly and through the full range of motion, increase a person's flexibility and balance,” advises the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And fitness workouts that include strength training can be “very powerful in reducing the signs and symptoms of numerous diseases and conditions like arthritis, diabetes, depression and more.”

Partnering with a fitness trainer is another great way to get the most out of your gym time. With a variety of fitness equipment and training styles, fitness trainers use all of the tools in their fitness arsenal to whip you into shape fast. Women’s and men’s fitness training varies from person to person, but “everyone can pump up their muscles by lifting light weights a greater number of times rather than only straining to lift very heavy weights,” say researchers at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. And while workout sessions with fitness trainers can help you get fit, make sure to supplement training sessions with solo sessions at the gym using these quick cardio ideas from fitness trainer Braganza.