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Don't overlook exercise routines for underrated muscle groups like the calves, neck, shins and butt, and discover group fitness workouts that develop these muscles. The only exercise equipment you'll need for group yoga workouts is a comfortable yoga mat, and yoga classes can help strengthen your spinal muscles, which are often overlooked. While not aerobic exercise, many group yoga sessions begin with the sun salutation, which includes plank poses, and plank poses help strengthen your spinal muscles. Visit a nearby family fitness center and search for yoga classes like "Power, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Bikram, and Hot yoga," recommend the fitness experts at WebMD, because these yoga workouts usually include sun salutation poses, and the yoga sessions also boost your heart rate while improving flexibility and balance.

The Most Overlooked Muscles

While big biceps and strong six-packs might be weight room headliners, these underrated muscles can literally stop the show.

There they are, every day, helping you walk forward, sit up straight and keep your eyes on the road, but when it comes time to hit the gym, you might overlook these crucial muscles, and that might lead to injury or pain in the future. We gathered together a panel of Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute experts and trainers to get their votes on the most ignored muscle groups.

“People tend to neglect the muscles we can’t see in the mirror,” says Adam Friedman. But important muscle groups are back there—ones that are vital for good posture and everyday activities, like walking and bending. Robert Reames, head fitness trainer on the Dr. Phil Show, concurs: “These are the muscles you normally don’t start training until you’re in physical rehab for back pain or some other injury.”

It’s all about balance, explains Dr. Eric Plasker, author of The 100 Year Lifestyle. “If you favor certain muscle groups over others, it causes the spine and nerves to age much more quickly and leads to injury,” he says. “Just like with the tires on your car, you can wear down your body unevenly.”

Below are our findings. Luckily, many of these muscles can be strengthened with simple moves that can be done while you type away at a computer or channel surf. These few extra moves are like flossing—they might not seem critical at first, but they’ll pay off in the long run.
Gold's Gym exercise routines specialists pinpointed the most overlooked muscles and Gold's fitness experts provided exercises to target these muscle groups. Along with solo exercise equipment workouts, you can also take group workout classes with exercise routines that strengthen these underrated muscles. For a group aerobic exercise class that will shape and sculpt your glutes, try an indoor cycling class set that tackles a variety of terrains, from steep climbs up mountains to lightning-fast sprints across flats. While dumbbell exercises will tone your upper body, in a spinning class, notes the fitness experts at WebMD, "Your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves will feel the burn. Yes. All that pedaling will engage your glutes."

For group exercise routines that work your calves, the exercise advisors at WebMD suggest step-based classes and dance-inspired aerobic exercise group workouts. Aerobic exercise specialists at WebMD explain that "Step class and other kinds of dance will work your calves every time you step up and down or bend your knees and push off going from high to low positions." The exercise equipment in step-based group classes is essentially height-adjustable cardio blocks. Check the Gold's Gym near you for step aerobic classes such as BodyStep, and for dance-based cardio classes, you can't go wrong with Zumba, which combines easy-to-follow choreography with sizzling Latin rhythms.