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For healthy snacks, consider these farmers market picks from food expert Jo Robinson. Healthy eating on the go can be difficult, so pack some sliced red and green bell peppers with a little hummus or low fat salad dressing for a tasty snack that’s low in calories. Natural weight loss and maintenance is easier when you plan your snacks ahead of time before you get hungry, and schedule exercise at your local Gold’s gym into your day. Whether you have a weight loss plan or are just trying to eat healthier, consider adding more fresh vegetables from your local farmers market to your snack arsenal, including steamed asparagus shoots which not only taste great but also could help to prevent hypertension.

The Healthiest Farmers Market Food Picks

Tips from on choosing the right fruits and vegetables at your local farmers market.

When choosing fruits and veggies, small differences can make a real impact on the health benefits you get. Here’s what to look for at the farmers market, from food expert Jo Robinson, author of the new book Eating on the Wild Side.


“Queen Anne and Rainier cherries look exactly alike: yellow with a red blush,” Robinson says. “But I go for the Queen Anne because they contain far more cholesterol-lowering flavonoids.”

Eat them within a day or two—cherries can lose their ability to reduce cholesterol just a few days after picking. Bright green, flexible stems signal freshness.


If you find purple asparagus, buy it. It contains all the disease-busting compounds found in the green kind, plus certain anthocyanins that are potent cancer fighters.

Regardless of color, eyeball the shape: “Asparagus stalks tend to go crooked when they’re old—an indication that they’ve lost a lot of their nutrients,” Robinson says.

Bell peppers

Surprise—green peppers have as many antioxidants as the other varieties.

“If I’m planning to roast them to bring out their sweetness, I don’t spend extra on red or yellow,” Robinson says. “I put that savings toward buying organic peppers, since conventionally grown ones usually have a high level of pesticide residue.”
Farmers market finds make healthy snacks, and the fruits and vegetables in this list from food expert Jo Robinson are sure to please. Sticking to healthy eating is difficult when you have a busy lifestyle, so plan ahead by chopping farmers market items like peppers and asparagus and storing them in the refrigerator so that you can grab and go. Natural weight loss can occur when you replace high calorie items from fast food restaurants with fresh fruits and vegetables, and burn more calories than you take in. And if you desire weight loss plans that take advantage of produce that is in season, ask a nutritionist or personal trainer at a Gold’s fitness club near you for tips, or for a full healthy eating program.

Healthy snacks like cherries and other farm fresh fruit are a smart idea for replacing desserts and satisfying late night cravings. For healthy eating, be open to trying new fruits and vegetables from the famers market so that you have more options to choose from when hunger hits. You may even experience natural weight loss as a side effect of eating healthier snacks, especially if you add working out at your Gold's local gym to your everyday activities. Make the most of weight loss plans when you incorporate these delicious snack ideas.