Muscle Building Workout Routines for Men

Weight Lifting Workout Routine Schedule & Strength Training for Men

With strength training for men and other fitness workouts, you'll feel young again and help reduce stress, according to Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute member, Dr. Eric Plasker, author of "The 100 Year Lifestyle." Workout routines such as weight lifting routines provide a sense of accomplishment for exercisers, and these workouts can help build confidence. Many people find that muscle building workouts that use "large muscle groups in a rhythmic, repetitive fashion" can create "muscular meditation," note the health experts at Harvard Medical School, and this meditation can reduce stress. For effective weight lifting equipment and group strength training classes, head to your local Gold's Gym health club.
Regular strength training for men and other exercises are part of Dr. Eric Plasker's four-pronged plan to help reverse your age, and along with Dr. Plasker's "Fountain of Youth Workout," look into other workout routines for men. Consider yoga workout routines to help reduce your stress levels while enhancing flexibility and balance. Hit your muscle building workouts and take a group yoga class because, "Yoga appears to blunt the harmful effects of heightened stress by influencing the body’s response to stress," according to the fitness experts at Harvard Medical School. Tackle your weight lifting exercises, and then stretch out and de-stress with yoga, which can "increase heart rate variability, an indicator of the body’s flexibility in responding to stress," note Harvard's fitness advisors.

You know that strength training for men and women increases muscle mass and boosts metabolism, but did you know that strength training workout routines can help fight depression? Muscle building workout routines, according to the health and exercise specialists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "provide similar improvements in depression as anti-depressant medications," though experts aren't sure if "this is because people feel better when they are stronger or if strength training produces a helpful biochemical change in the brain." Try muscle building workouts for a natural anti-depressant. But if weight lifting isn't getting you through your blues, be sure to speak with your regular doctor for medical advice.