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Healthy Eating Plans & Healthy Meals & Using Healthy Food

Discover healthy eating alternatives for your favorite summer fare with these suggestions from Canyon Ranch Spa Resorts and Miraval Luxury Resort and Spa, and pair them with refreshing yet light summer cocktails and drinks. Make healthy foods like Miraval Mango and Shrimp Ceviche the star of your midday meal, and serve it with low calorie drinks like seltzer with a twist of lime or try Chef Scott's recipe for Sparkling Fruit Sodas – found within the “How Chefs Do Summer” box. As part of your healthy eating plan, suggests that you have your meals with beverages like green tea that offer the added benefit of fighting cell damage, and stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking water, especially during workouts at Gold's Gyms near you.

Summer’s Smart Guide to Food and Fitness

Find out how to stay swimsuit-ready and feast on scrumptious summer fare with advice from top luxury spa chefs and a Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute trainer. PLUS: Recipes straight from spa kitchens!
Find healthier, summery alternatives that came straight from the kitchens of Canyon Ranch Spa Resorts and Miraval Luxury Resort and Spa here. (Be sure to check out Miraval’s Mindful Eating available on May 1!)
Stay focused on your healthy eating plan with these recipe suggestions from top resorts and spas, and amp up your gym routine at Gold's family fitness center with these three essential beach season moves. And combine healthy foods with low calorie drinks for a winning combination that keeps your body buff and beautiful throughout the summer. Pair healthy snacks like Greek yogurt and strawberries with a blend of your favorite tea and fruit nectar, as recommended by, for a refreshing change from water and high-calorie sodas. Boost your healthy eating plan with these healthy recipes, and take advantage of the summer season by loading up on fresh vegetables and fruits from local farmer's markets.

Your healthy eating plan doesn't have to exclude cocktails and wine when you choose low calorie ingredients that pack a flavor punch. Complement healthy foods like Canyon Ranch's Strawberry, Chicken and Arugula Salad with a fruity glass of Pinot Grigio lightened up with a splash of seltzer water. And pair healthy snacks like Miraval's Edamame Guacamole – recipe found in the “How Spa Chefs Do Summer” box – with a small tumbler of citrus-infused vodka on the rocks, for a light treat perfect for enjoying while watching the sunset. Get creative with your healthy eating plan, and let these ideas serve as your starting point.