Stress Management & Exercise Classes

Aerobics Classes, Pilates and Yoga Classes, Spinning Classes are Stress Relievers

Your body produces stress relievers when you work out, and one fun form of working out is group fitness exercises, and now, many gyms offer smaller, more personalized group classes. These classes provide stress management while getting you fit, and group training programs usually have "fewer than 10 participants and the instructor does not work out with the clients – in contrast with traditional group exercise," note the exercise experts at the American Council on Exercise. Many Gold's gyms offer aerobics classes, strength training and other classes in the GRIT group training program, which are smaller classes with high intensity workouts. Stretch out in yoga classes and then try a GRIT group training class that uses barbells, weight plates and body weight exercises to blast all major muscle groups.

Stop Stress Now

April has been dubbed National Stress Awareness Month, thanks to those two dreaded words: Tax Season. But here’s a guide to get back your balance.

A little less than 80 years ago, Austro-Hungarian endocrinologist Hans Selye first identified and recorded the effects of “noxious agents,” which he later called “stress.” We’ve come a long way since then, in terms of both the accumulation of daily stressors (hello 1040 form!) and the amount of research showing that exercise is like a silver bullet into the heart of stress. But to truly beat stress, your mind and body have to be in sync. To help us with that, we spoke to Dr. Daniel Ellenberg, a life coach, consultant, and co-founder of Relationships That Work, and Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute trainer Robert Reames to bring you the best methods to make tax season less taxing and lower your stress levels all year long. Then Belisa Vranich, Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute expert, clinical psychologist and author of Get a Grip, explained how breathing—really breathing—can quickly lower anyone’s stress level (just ask the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter she’s currently training).

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You've read tips for stress relievers, and one of the suggestions from the Gold's Gym de-stressing experts was to find an exercise that you really enjoy doing, whether it's walking in the woods or reading a good book on the treadmill. For stress management, there are also many new group fitness classes that can put fun back into working out while lowering your stress levels. Look into new dance aerobics classes where participants learn and perfect a dance routine, just like a real dance company! Consider yoga classes and explore dance aerobics classes that focus on "one longer dance throughout the workout and 'perform' it in groups at the end of the workout," note the fitness workout experts at the American Council on Exercise.

Get natural stress relievers when you exercise, and explore the array of exciting and challenging group workout classes in gyms such as your local Gold's fitness club. Drum through stress management with a percussive fitness class based on drumming! These new aerobics classes combine "motivating music with a rock star vibe," note the exercise specialists at the American Council on Exercise, and though "you might feel a little silly with sticks in your hands banging imaginary drums," these drumming workouts provide moderate to high-intensity cardio fitness training. For more cardio, yoga classes and other group exercise classes that can help you manage and reduce stress, check the weekly class schedules at the Gold's Gym near you.