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Busy dads need weight loss for men ideas tailored to dads' time-crunched lifestyles, and one weight loss tip for fitness-focused fathers is to make the most of their exercise time by jumping into higher intensity workouts. High intensity workouts are healthy weight loss routines that pack a whole of fat burning into shorter sessions. Among weight loss tips for men, HIIT workouts are a secret metabolism-boosting weapon, and these workouts can be just as effective as endurance-based exercises, notes the American College of Sports Medicine: "Beyond promoting weight loss and stress reduction, multiple short sessions of fitness training per week, whether it's high or moderate-intensity, can have the same effects as longer, more typical blocks of exercise." Discover how to lose weight with HIIT workouts at the Gold's Gym fitness center near you, and look for high intensity group classes or ask a personal trainer about one-on-one HIIT workouts.

Knoxville Dad’s Inspiring Weight Loss Story

2015 Gold’s Gym Challenge Winner Adam Lucas makes headlines after sharing his inspirational story about his weight loss including how his family was his biggest motivation.

Gold’s Gym Farragut Member Adam Lucas is one inspirational member! Adam won 1st place in the 18-29 age category after losing 77.6 lbs, 28.5 inches, and 19% of his body fat. As a father of twin boys with non-verbal Autism, a full-time student, and two twins on the way, Adam continued to hit the gym and eat right. “I promised myself that my life needed to change so I could be a better, more energetic father to my sons.” 77 lbs later, Adam feels that “the challenge has made me a better father, husband, and student for which I will be forever grateful that I said YES to the Challenge and tackled it head on”
After his weight loss for men program, Gold’s Gym member Adam Lucas won first place in the 18 to 29-year-old age category of the Gold's Gym Challenge, and Lucas lost, in total, 77.6 pounds, 28.5 inches, and 19 percent of his body fat. Lucas achieved this healthy weight loss while juggling duties as a full-time student, father of twin boys and soon-to-be dad of two more twins, so if you think you're too busy to get in shape, just take a look at Adam Lucas! Read our weight loss tips for men to get some practical ideas for busy dads who want to get fit and stay that way. One healthy living tip for fitness-focused but super-busy dads: "Move around, walk to your neighbor’s house instead of calling, take the stairs, park farther away from your destination," suggests the exercise experts at WebMD, who note that "all these things help burn calories and keep you moving –and they all add up."

Weight loss for men can be especially challenging for dads, but as first place Gold's Gym Challenge winner Adam Lucas, proves, even a dad of twins (with another set of twins on the way!) can make it to the gym, eat right and achieve dramatic weight loss results. Improve your healthy weight loss results by scheduling your workouts around your kids' schedules, suggest the exercise experts at WebMD: "While they nap during the day, fit in some fitness –like doing basic lunges, squats, push-ups, and crunches." Create new healthy living fitness habits with the kids in mind, such as going for brisk walks with the kids in the stroller, take older kids to the park, go on family bikes rides, family swims and sled, ski and ice-skate with kids in winter.