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Delve into the Gold's exercise program by watching this story of how the Gold's Gym fitness center craze began. More than exercise machine workouts, this interview with Ric Drasin focuses on the importance of exercising with a group of like-minded individuals. For aerobic exercise and strength training, studies from the University of Georgia support the idea that "working out with people who demonstrate the commitment to fitness that you desire can be contagious because people tend to mimic the behavior of those around them." So whether you choose exercise workouts like group fitness classes or lift weights with a buddy at the gym, the benefits of working out with people as motivated about fitness as you are immeasurable.

It All Started In Venice Beach, California…

Action 10 KZTV’s John Rupolo’s digs deep to figure out where the fitness craze began, including an exclusive interview with Ric Drasin.

Positive energy results from exercise programs that focus on bringing people together for the common goal of getting fit, as seen in this interview with Ric Drasin about the story of the Gold's Gyms fitness craze that began in Venice Beach, California. Train hard using exercise machines like the treadmill or elliptical, and invite friends and family to join your workouts to experience a sense of camaraderie during your workouts. Or jump into aerobic exercise classes like Zumba or BodyJam at Gold's fitness gyms near you if you are a social butterfly who enjoys workout classes that feel more like big dance parties. Another benefit of exercise routines that include group fitness classes is the "social networking that takes place outside the workouts," according to WebMD.com.

Create an exercise program that works for you by sampling an array of Gold's Gyms fitness classes to discover which ones interest and challenge you the most. Add workouts using exercise machines like our circuit training resistance machines, and trim and tone your body with these machines that take the guesswork out of strength training. Get pumped up with aerobic exercise classes like cardio kickboxing if you prefer high energy, martial arts-inspired workouts, and then take it down a notch with calming yoga classes that bring your mind and body into harmony. With all of these workouts, experience the current of feel-good vibes that results from working out surrounded by people who share the common goal of getting fit.