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Keep motivated in your fitness workouts by setting up clear, reasonable and reachable fitness goals, as Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute trainer Ramona Braganza suggests. Look into Gold's Gym fitness programs such as the Tour de Cure cycling events and make a fitness goal to bike a set amount of miles and to raise funds to help prevent and cure diabetes. During your fitness exercises, keep tabs on your progress with high tech tracker devices, advises the health and fitness specialists at the Mayo Clinic: "Activity trackers and pedometers provide immediate feedback about your activity level. Thus, they can serve as a strong motivator to keep you moving." For devices that monitor workout routines, keep in mind the device's ease of use, accuracy, display abilities and price you want to play.

New Year, No New Excuses

Don’t let your healthy resolutions fall victim to worn-out excuses. Here are rebuttals for the top five gym-skipper rationalizations.

Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute expert and celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza has heard every excuse in the book—and refuses to let them slide. We asked how she responds to the five biggest whoppers.

This is the biggie, the one we hear over and over again. Here are a few responses:

Evaluate your priorities. Do you log enough couch time to be the in-house TV critic at your office? Do you have a free hour every day to peruse the Facebook updates of your 300 closest friends? Or did you make it to skill level 29 on Halo in two months? If you answered yes to any of those, you might want to cut back on your screen time or where you’re logging it. Hit the treadmill when your favorite show airs or browse Twitter from your seat on the stationary bike—that way you can be both entertained and in shape.

It doesn’t take that much time! You can get a good workout in just 30 minutes. “Some of my clients work 16-hour days, but still have to stay in shape,” says Braganza. “This was the case when I worked with Jessica Alba on Dark Angel, so she woke up at 5:30 a.m. to train from 6 to 6:30 a.m.” To get started, check out Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute expert Adam Friedman’s five 30-minute workouts or our Ultimate 30-Minute Workout.

“Define your weight-loss goal, then stay on top of how many calories you need to burn to achieve it,” Braganza says. “Use a fitness app [like MyFitnessPal] to help you track calories, and wear a heart rate monitor to make sure you’re training as hard as you think you are.” Also, make sure that you have a reasonable time frame for dropping those pounds or seeing muscle definition. “Weight loss on average is a pound a week,” Braganza points out, “and that takes dedication and work.”

Lack of sleep or heaps of stress can definitely make it hard to find the energy, but the more you exercise, the more energy you’ll have. Plus, exercise is a known stress buster. Also, consider what time of day you work out. “Are you tired the minute you wake up?” Braganza asks. “If not, then take a 20-minute power walk or a jog. If you’re training later, have a healthy snack to give you a boost.” And make sure it’s not dehydration that’s making you sleepy. “Even being 2% dehydrated can lower your energy levels,” she says.

If your exercise routine is a yawn-inducing endeavor, think about making it more original. Try a new class, like TRX. “Challenge yourself to learning a new sport—maybe a winter sport, like snowshoeing. Get a friend to join you to make it more fun.” If that doesn’t interest you, Braganza suggests resorting to bribery: “Give yourself a reward when you accomplish a certain number of workouts in a week. Maybe get a foot massage!”

“Since I turned 50, my new fitness goal is to keep up with my 77-year-old mother,” Braganza says. “She just became a Zumba instructor. I never limit myself with my age in anything I do in life, and you shouldn’t either. Age might be an excuse—but not a good one.” Take note that most Gold’s Gyms offer a senior citizen discount.

Forget Excuses, Find a Reason

Traditional races and triathlons: Training for a race is an easy way to set a goal—if you’re afraid you’ll give up, get a friend to sign up with you or join a team that is racing for a cause you care deeply about. Check out to find races near your town or in exotic locales, like the Placencia Marathon & Half-Marathon in Belize.

Tough mudders: Need something out of the ordinary to get your attention? Tough mudders are 10-to-12-mile races through punishing obstacle courses that can include fields of live wires, frigid glaciers and underwater tunnels. Check out to get in on the insanity.

Adventure travel: If seeing the world is high on your priority list, combine the thrill of new places with some heart-healthy exercise. Outdoor gear purveyor and all-around awesome store REI now offers active adventures ( You can kayak in Cambodia, climb to the Everest base camp or ride horseback through Mongolia. Each trip has an activity rating between 1 and 5, so you can decide how high-energy you want to be.
For lifelong fitness, the fitness workouts tips from Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute trainer Ramona Braganza provide a helpful roadmap, and one of Braganza's practical ideas is to define your workout goals so you're not exercising just to exercise. Tune your fitness programs toward specific goals and you'll get a boost of confidence after smashing those benchmarks. Hit your fitness exercises to "prepare for a 5K race or get ready for a favorite sport," suggest exercise experts at the Mayo Clinic, who note that, "having clear goals can help you stay motivated." If you're starting workout routines at the beginning of the year, then take the Gold's Gym Challenge, our annual body transformation contest that challenges you to crush your fitness goals in 12 weeks.

Tracking your fitness workouts can help you stay on track toward your fitness goals, and trainer Ramona Braganza suggests using a "fitness app [like MyFitnessPal] to help you track calories." App-based fitness programs for your smartphone can help encourage you to keep pushing toward your goals, note the fitness experts at WebMD. After your fitness exercises, these apps can show you the results you've already made in fat burning or body composition. Keep track of your workout routines with Gold's Gym fitness tools like our Workout Builder that takes vital information about your goals and creates a personalized workout plan, or, for healthy living, try our Spotter App, which includes a calorie counter, flip book and motivational messages.