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Increase metabolism with strength training at Gold’s fitness gyms near you, and check out these workouts that help you train away your cheat day. While healthy eating should always be your priority, it’s hard to not be tempted by a bucket of hot wings or a plate of loaded fries. Stay committed to your diet plan by working small splurges into your plan, and when you do overdo it, sit down with a personal trainer who can help you figure out how to avoid temptation and create healthy eating habits. And combine smart nutrition with fat blasting workouts like Zumba or interval training at your local Gold’s gym, and give your metabolism the boost it needs to handle your splurges.

Eat This, Do That: The Cheating Calculator

When you commit a diet crime, you have to do the time (gym time, that is). Let the Gold’s Gym experts help you calculate your food felonies and show you how to turn them into a free pass by picking healthy alternatives.

You don't have to feel guilty on those rare occasions when you pull into the fast-food drive-through or head to the local ice cream parlor. According to Robert Reames, a Gold's Gym Fitness Institute member and author of Make Over Your Metabolism, indulging every now and then can actually complement a fitness program. "It would be boring to eat healthy all the time. Indulging periodically actually keeps you from overindulging on a regular basis," he says.

Mike Ryan, a Gold's Gym Fitness Institute trainer who has helped superstars slim down, agrees. "I'm a guy from Boston, I like to drink beer and eat burgers," he says. "But I make sure I go out there and work for it."

The most important thing is to know how much time you need to spend on the treadmill to burn off that bucket of buffalo wings. Having that information can help you decide when it's okay to go careening off the healthy highway. That's why we put together Eat This, Do That: The Cheating Calculator. Check out the menu below and click on your favorite diet no-no's to see how you can enjoy them without the guilt, and get healthier alternatives for the days when you want to stay on track.

And remember, the more you work out, the more often you can indulge. "Look at the gym as a metabolism igniter," Reames says. "Rock out the cardio and strength training—then you'll be burning more calories and fat while you rest, and you can indulge even more."
When you want to increase metabolism after a cheat day or accidental calorie splurge, sign up for a few sessions with a personal trainer at Gold’s fitness center. Learn how to eat healthy with tips from your trainer, and beware of the common pitfalls that can trigger cheat days such as expecting results too fast or setting unrealistic goals, as noted by the American College of Sports Medicine. With a fitness and diet plan, our fitness trainers can help you breakdown your larger health and fitness goals into smaller, easier-to-manage chunks so that you don’t get discouraged when looking at the big picture. For smart nutrition without feeling deprived of your favorite foods, either try to find worthy lower calorie swaps or plan extra workouts like the ones mentioned in this article to offset any high calorie treats you have.

Whether you want to increase metabolism because you had a bad eating day or because you want to start a weight loss plan, consider signing up for Gold’s 12-week transformation plan where you receive weekly menus and workouts to help you meet your health and fitness goals. Eating healthy is made simple with these menus, and the workouts plans can add fresh energy to your current gym routine with new ideas and exercises. If you focus on your diet plan, and try to avoid cheat days, you will get the results you desire faster. Sometimes smart nutrition falls to the wayside, though, and when it does, do these suggested workouts to get your health and fitness plan back on track.