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Exercise Routines, Aerobic Exercise Workouts & Exercise Equipment

Stay fit with these exercise routines and tips for hotel room stays, and when you travel check with your gyms fitness experts about how you can continue to workout at Gold's Gym. Pack for exercise workouts in your room by tossing a jump rope into your bag, and get an excellent aerobic workout that burns loads of calories in a short amount of time, according to WebMD.com. And for aerobic exercise if you forget your jump rope, or don't have one, try jogging in place or walking laps around your hotel. Maintain your exercise program while traveling for business or vacation, and keep from putting on pounds with the extra calories that normally get consumed while away from home.

10 Ways to Make Any Hotel Room Healthier

Vacations can wreak havoc with your lifestyle. But at least when it comes to your hotel room, these simple steps from Health.com will make it a healthier place to hang out.

Go Smoke-Free

Ask for a nonsmoking floor when making your reservation. Not an option? Request a nonsmoking room.

Don’t Drink

Just say no to the minibar key when checking in. You’ll save cash—and calories.

Toss The Bed Cover

Bedspreads are notorious havens for dust mites (and worse). Stash it in the corner of the room.


Wipe down the TV remote and telephone with an antibacterial wipe before first use.

Don’t Reuse

Avoid the reusable glasses, even if they have a paper cover on top (plastic sealed cups are preferable).

Bring Your Own Snacks

Keeping fruit (banana, apple), bottled water, and nuts or trail mix in your room helps ensure that you don’t overdo it when eating out.

Make White Noise

Invest in a portable “soft-noise maker” if you’re a super light sleeper.

Get Moving

Turn a tiny hotel room into your own personal fitness center. Invest in a portable exercise kit in case your hotel doesn’t have a workout room or pool. Or download a yoga podcast onto your smartphone or laptop.

Do A Renovation Check

Renovations are likely to be loud, and may stir up dirt and dust, so call ahead to make sure parts of the hotel aren’t under construction. Unexpected maintenance? Ask to switch to a room farther away from the upkeep.

Note The Exits

Because you’re in unfamiliar territory, take a few minutes to check out the exits closest to your room, just as a precaution.

Map out your exercise routine for hotel room stays with the help of a personal fitness trainer from Gold's fitness gyms near you, and break the cycle of gaining weight while on vacation by using a mix of cardio and strength training exercises you can do in the privacy of your own room. Chisel your muscles with exercise workouts using bodyweight, and have your trainer demonstrate proper form and technique so that you can do these exercises alone with ease. Along with aerobic exercise and strength training, the Mayo Clinic suggests stretching to keep you limber after your muscles are warmed up, so have your trainer show you simple stretches that can be performed in small spaces. And rev up your exercise program with lap swimming if your hotel has a pool.

Your exercise routine doesn't have to take a backseat when you travel if you incorporate these simple ideas into your routine while staying in a hotel room. Plan for exercise workouts while on the road by packing exercise equipment like free weights in your suitcase, and squeeze in strength training sessions in between business meetings or after sightseeing trips. For aerobic exercise, kick it old school with traditional calisthenics like jumping jacks and jogging in place. Even if your exercise program while traveling is limited, it is better than doing nothing because strength and aerobic fitness start to decline after about two weeks, according to WebMD.com.