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Get buff with these aerobic exercise workouts developed by Gold's Gyms regional fitness director, Serge Sejour, and be ready to hit the beach with confidence. Sculpt your muscles with dumbbell exercises, and then jump into one of our high intensity interval training classes like Grit Plyo or GGX Challenge for a total body workout. When included with your exercise routine, HIIT classes tend to torch more calories than traditional workouts, and your body continues burning calories for about two hours after these kinds of classes according to the American College of Sports Medicine. And use exercise equipment like kettlebells and hand weights to pump up your arms with our "Sun's Out, Gun's Out" workout shown in this video, and sport your favorite strapless dresses or sleeveless shirts at the beach without worrying about jiggly arms.

Good Morning Washington: Beach Body Ready

Good Morning Washington joined regional fitness director, Serge Sejour in Arlington for four ‘Beach Body Ready’ segments

Good Morning Washington joined regional fitness director, Serge Sejour in Arlington for four ‘Beach Body Ready’ segments. Serge took reporter, Eileen Wehlan around the gym to demonstrate workouts for getting in shape for summer. In each of the segments, Serge invited people to sign up for the 12-Week Transformation Plan for free on GoldsGym.com – further encouraging them to bring their customized plans to a local Gold’s Gym just in time for summer.

Check out the beach body workouts below:

Booty Blast Workout:

Sun’s Out, Gun’s Out:

Spring Into Shape:

Abs-olutely Summer:

Train hard with aerobic exercise classes at Gold's fitness center, and wear your little polka dot bikini or striped swim shorts at the beach with a smile. Chisel your arms with dumbbell exercises like the ones shown in our "Sun's Out, Gun's Out" video workout, and then get your cardio on with high energy group fitness classes like Zumba. "Zumba exercise routines may feel like a party," but research from the American Council on Exercise suggests that it is a "highly effective workout" that is "also good for core strengthening and flexibility gains." Or grab exercise equipment like resistance bands to carve your core with the exercises found in our "Abs-olutely Summer" workout. Shed pounds with aerobic exercise using state-of-the-art treadmills, ellipticals and more at Gold's Gyms near you, and soon you will look and feel better in your beachwear. From dumbbell exercises to booty-toning bodyweight exercises, check out our "Beach Body Ready" workouts for quick toning exercises that target all of your problem areas, and do these exercises at the gym and at home to prepare for your trip to the beach. And rev up your exercise routine with demanding cardio classes like cardio kickboxing or BodyCombat, and blast fat while building lean muscle. For toning exercises, use exercise equipment like kettlebells, medicine balls or free weights to shape your body and increase your muscle definition.