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Give your old fitness workouts new life by trying a new exercise that's fun and challenging. For fun fitness programs, head to the mountains and pole hike to get your heart pumping in an exercise that's much like race-walking. Pole hiking fitness exercises just require "a set of aluminum, rubber-tipped poles and a good pair of hiking shoes," note exercise advisors at WebMD, who go on to say that pole hiking is "great for a beginner because using the poles reduces stress on the knees and distributes the body's weight more evenly." Other fitness tips for making workouts more fun include the tip to head to the Gold's Gym near you for the latest group workouts, such as BodyFlow, Zumba Sentao, Bootcamp Yoga or Hot Hula classes.

Gold’s Gym St. Peters 4th Annual Get Fit Expo

Gold’s Gym St Peters 4th Annual Get Fit Expo was filled with food, fun, and FITNESS!

Get Fit Expo 2015 was a huge success for Gold’s Gym St. Peters. Events included an Indoor Triathlon, Zumba-Thon, Spin-A-Thon, Get Fit! Kids Bootcamp, prize giveaways, and live music! The event helped raise money for The Snow Foundation, an organization dedicated to raising awareness of and funding research for Wolfram Syndrome, a rare form of diabetes.

Congratulations to all our Indoor Tri-A-Thon Participants! Official Results Below:

Randy R. – 54:52
Doug S. – 1:02:47
Mike W. – 1:07:01
Mike P. – 1:13:06

Colleen B. – 1:07:31
Kay P. – 1:13:00
With fitness workouts that included a Zumba-Thon, Spin-A-Thon, and Get Fit! Kids Bootcamp, the Get Fit Expo 2015 at the Gold’s Gym St. Peters fitness center showed how fun it can be getting fit. So many fun fitness programs are available now, there's no reason exercise has to be boring or repetitive. Infuse fun into your fitness exercises and keep exercise exciting, challenging and engaging. Fitness tips to add fun into workouts can include taking a fitness-focused trip, such as a canoe trip to a nearby lake, and keep in mind that canoeing provides an all-over body workout that's particularly effective for the shoulders, core, obliques and back as well as your legs, which act as stabilizers during canoeing.

You can easily make fitness workouts fun again by jumping into high-energy group fitness classes that you may have never considered joining. Among cardio fitness programs, Zumba is standout for its party-like atmosphere, easy-to-learn choreography and infectious Latin beats. Group Zumba fitness exercises are performed by more than 12 million people in 125 countries and a recent study commissioned by the American Council on Exercise found that "participating in a single Zumba fitness class burned an average of 369 calories or about 9.5 kcal per minute." Zumba exercises are effective workout plans that meet fitness industry requirements for improving cardio endurance, and most Gold's Gym locations offer Zumba or other pulse-pounding, dance-based group classes.