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Add variety to your exercise plan by trying new workouts at Gold's family fitness center, and get fit with exercise classes like Zumba, which was demonstrated at the Arlington "Be Fit, Be Healthy" community event. When creating your exercise program, WebMD.com recommends classes like BodyCombat or cardio kickboxing for "a truly versatile, cross-training workout that can improve your strength, flexibility, coordination, and reflexes." No special exercise equipment is needed for these classes, and you gain the added benefit of learning some simple self-defense moves that leave you feeling empowered. Balance out your aerobic exercise with strength training in group weight lifting classes like BodyPump, or with solo workouts using our resistance machines and free weights.

Gold’s Gym South Arlington Joins The ‘Be Fit, Be Healthy’ Movement

Gold’s Gym South Arlington stopped by the first weekend of ‘Be Fit, Be Healthy’, a bi-weekly event where community members can participate in activities that promote a healthy lifestyle.

It was a cold and windy Saturday, but that did not stop our GGX instructor Carmen who taught a 45-minute Zumba class. It was a fun day for all, and Gold’s Gym Arlington was happy to be able to participate in the first ‘Be Fit, Be Healthy’ event!

Rev up your exercise plan at Gold's fitness centers by attending community activities like the "Be Fit, Be Healthy" event, and gain new ideas for healthy living and fitness. Design your exercise program to include high energy cardio classes like Zumba, which can help you torch calories and drop pounds according to research by the La Crosse Exercise and Health Program, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, USA. For strength training, use exercise equipment like free weights and resistance machines to build lean muscle and get stronger. And complement aerobic exercise and strength training with Pilates exercise classes that increase your flexibility, balance and core strength.

When you desire an exercise plan that is easy on your joints yet can still be done in a group atmosphere, consider water aerobics at the Gold's Gyms near you. WebMD.com suggests water exercise programs because they "effectively strengthen your muscles with vertical water workouts that maximize the drag or pull of water against your movements." Exercise equipment like water weights or water barbells may be used during more advance water aerobics, though you can get a full body workout just with the resistance of the water. For aerobic exercise, these fitness classes are the perfect choice for anyone who needs or prefers non-impact workouts.