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You can learn how to lose weight while following the contestants on Gold's Gym's "Smaller at the Alter" weight loss challenge on the TV show "The Doctors." Make weight loss programs more successful by outlining reasonable and reachable short-term weight loss objectives, and keep in mind that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention point out that, "Evidence shows that people who lose weight gradually and steadily – about one to two pounds per week – are more successful at keeping weight off." So for the best way to lose weight, don't expect to drop pounds at an impossibly high rate. Consistently hit your fat burning workouts, make informed eating choices and give yourself realistic short-term weight loss goals.

Gold’s Gym on The Doctors

Gold’s Gym trainer RC Hahn helps three engaged couples lose weight in “The Doctors”’ Smaller at the Altar competition.

Continuing the momentum of our 50th Anniversary, we are excited to partner with The Doctors for a Wedding Weight Loss Challenge called “Smaller at the Alter.” During this challenge, three couples from the Los Angeles area will compete against one another to lose weight, and win some amazing wedding-related prizes along the way! Be sure to tune in and check back to see who wins!
Just as couples learn how to lose weight in the Gold's Gym "Smaller at the Alter” wedding weight loss challenge on the TV show "The Doctors," you can also learn the importance of setting up short term fitness goals. As experts in weight loss programs, the advisors at the National Institutes of Health's National Institute on Aging say, "Short-term goals will help you make physical activity a regular part of your daily life. Reaching your short-term goals will give you confidence to progress toward your long-term goals." A best way to lose weight, short-term goals can be thought of as steps up a ladder toward solid, lasting fitness habits. For fat burning workouts and other weight loss workouts, the NIH recommends coming up with short-term exercise goals that are realistic, specific and important to you.

Knowing how to lose weight means knowing how to set short and long-term weight loss goals, and one way how to lose weight is the SMART system. Among weight loss programs, the SMART system is regarded for its handy acronyms: Specific – for setting specific goals; Measureable – tracking your progress; Attainable – is your goal realistic; Relevant – is weight loss or general fitness a better goal right now for you; and Time-bound – giving yourself a firm deadline. Start this best way to lose weight today by setting short-term benchmarks such as walking "five days every week for 30 minutes each," suggests the American Council on Exercise. Supplement your fat burning workouts by adding other short-term goals such as bringing your lunch to work instead of eating out.