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Get inspired by the group exercise routines seen in this video from the Fit Fest Burn-a-thon, and then come into Gold's Gyms near you to create your own fitness plan. If you avoid aerobic exercise because you are unsure of how to make it fit into your busy schedule, the American College of Sports Medicine suggests group workout classes which offer you the flexibility to choose class times that work with your schedule while also offering you the consistency you need to stay focused on your goal. Try strength training classes with dumbbell exercises to build muscle, and then jump into one of our cardio classes like step aerobics or indoor cycling to get your heart rate in the zone and to burn calories. And consider workouts with exercise equipment like treadmills, ellipticals or stair climbers to supplement your group workouts.

Gold’s Gym O Street: Fit Fest Burn-a-Thon

Nebraska’s 1011 covered Gold’s Gym O Street’s ADA Burn-A-Thon.

Gold’s Gym O Street held their Fit Fest Burn-A-Thon that supports The American Diabetes Association. 1011 Now’s Natalie Micale covered the event, watch below! Read the article HERE.
With group exercise routines at Gold's family fitness center, forget the demands of your busy schedule, and leave the business of figuring out the best exercises for getting fit up to our fitness experts. Plunge into aerobic exercise classes like Zumba or BodyCombat offered at convenient times, and don't wait to feel in the mood to exercise. Whether you prefer dumbbell exercises or group strength training classes, the Mayo Clinic suggests that you "schedule workouts as you would any other important activity." Gym tools like exercise equipment, resistance machines, group workout classes and personal training provide you with the variety you need to create a gym routine that not only fits into your life, but also keeps you motivated and excited about working out.

Jumpstart fitness with group exercise routines at your local Gold's Gyms, and choose classes ranging from calorie-crushing cross training classes to muscle-building BodyPump. And commit to an aerobic exercise schedule because, as noted by, "no exercise program in the world works if you don't do it consistently." Solo workouts with dumbbell exercises are a great way to complement your group fitness routine, and you can also work through our circuit of resistance machines to target all of your major muscle groups. For solo cardio workouts, exercise equipment like treadmills and stationary bicycles provide you with an easy way to blast fat, especially if you are short on time.