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Start your workout program at Gold's family fitness center so that you, too, can run in community events like the Big 12 Tournament 5K and 12K. Consider functional fitness workout routines that not only help you train for running events, but also help to improve your ability to perform everyday tasks like playing soccer with your kids or carrying groceries. These full body workout routines focus on movements that increase your balance, agility and strength by teaching your muscles how to work together efficiently. And with lower and upper body workouts, you can gain the endurance and power you need to successfully run your first 5K.

Gold’s Gym Liberty and Lee’s Summit Cheered on Big 12 Tournament 5K and 12K Races

Gold’s Gym cheered on participants in downtown Kansas City’s Power & Light District as part of our sponsorship of this year’s Big 12 Tournament 5k and 12k races

On Saturday, March 14, Gold’s Gym teams from Liberty and Lee’s Summit cheered on participants in downtown Kansas City’s Power & Light District as part of our sponsorship of this year’s Big 12 Tournament 5k and 12k races. The morning was chillier than expected, which made Gold’s Gym earmuffs a hot commodity among racers and their families. Six Gold’s Gym associates ran the race, and congratulations to Dani Dillon, a Liberty personal trainer who finished the 12k in just 58 minutes!
Try functional fitness workout programs at Gold's health clubs near you to train for events like the Big 12 Tournament 5K and 12K that Gold's Gym sponsored in Kansas City. While workout routines with weight and cardio machines provide an excellent workout and develop base conditioning, functional fitness training goes a step further by training your body for "multidirectional movements and the coordination of a variety of muscle groups," according to the American College of Sports Medicine. And these full body workout routines can help to prevent trips and falls by "including patterns of movement in an exercise program that develop kinesthetic awareness, body control, and balance," the ACSM goes on to say. With these lower and upper body workouts, you'll soon find that not only are you running with more power, but that you are also performing everyday activities like yard work and housecleaning more easily.

Older exercisers benefit from workout programs that include functional fitness, and can improve their balance, agility, dynamic flexibility, strength and endurance with these types of workouts according to a study commissioned by the American Council on Exercise. With these workout routines, you can improve your quality of life, and even run or walk in 5K events with the approval of your doctor. To learn these full body workout routines, partner with a Gold's Gym fitness trainer who can show you proper form and technique, and develop a training program tailored to your abilities and goals. Your upper body workout may include circuits with wall push-ups and standing bicep curls, while your lower body workout may include multidirectional lunges and step-ups, depending on your fitness level.