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If your fitness programs could use a shot of team spirit like the energy flowing through the excited St. Louis Cardinals fans, consider high-powered group fitness classes at the Gold's Gym near you. Jump into Zumba group workout routines for a change of pace, or try a group indoor cycling class, and sweat toward your fitness goals with a team of fellow determined exercisers. Trade in gym fitness equipment for a baseball glove and bat one night a week, advises the fitness experts at WedMD: "Add some team spirit to your workout by joining a recreation league. You could play tennis, volleyball, soccer, basketball, flag football, or softball, for starters." Even if your personal fitness history doesn't include previous team sports, consider local "leagues for games you might have played way back in grade school, like kickball or dodgeball," suggests WedMD's exercise advisors.

Gold’s Gym St. Louis Cheers on the Cardinals for Opening Day!

Gold’s Gym had fun celebrating Opening Day with enthusiastic Saint Louis Cardinal fans.

To liven up your fitness programs, take some inspiration from the Gold's Gym opening day celebration with the St. Louis Cardinals fans. Your workout routines don't have to be completely solo endeavors, so look for ways to that you can transfer some of that competitive fan energy into your weekly exercise routines. Change up fitness equipment-based workouts and join a group sports conditioning class such as a bootcamp-style class built on the kind of high intensity drills pro athletes perform. Take your personal fitness to elite levels with these sports-inspired sessions that "offer a more challenging and varied workout; require little or no special equipment; (and) create a sense of camaraderie among the participants," notes the fitness specialists at the Mayo Clinic.

Bootcamp fitness programs will train you like an athlete—even if you aren't one—and you'll feel like you're training for the St. Louis Cardinals or your favorite pro football, basketball, hockey or soccer team. In these classes, expect workout routines that boost metabolism and increase muscle tone because, as the Mayo Clinic points out: "The goal of a fitness boot camp is to provide a whole-body workout that builds strength and endurance." Often, very little fitness equipment is involved in bootcamp sessions, and you could instead perform plyometric (jumping), agility and speed drills along with exercises that develop explosiveness and power. Jumpstart your personal fitness by joining BodyAttack, an original Gold's Gym whole body and sports-based group class that's available at many Gold's Gym locations.