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With group exercise classes in climate-controlled cycling studios at Gold's Gyms near you, train for inspiring community events like the Tour de Cure, which helps to raise money for the American Diabetes Association. Include cycling with your exercise routine, and get a "low-impact workout that delivers the same health and weight-management benefits as outdoor cycling and other aerobic activities." Cycling exercise programs really give your legs, booty and hips a solid workout, and you can balance out your workout by adding exercises for your upper body on your off days. Use exercise equipment like resistance bands and dumbbells to target your arms and chest, and get assistance from a Gold's fitness coach if you need help creating your total body fitness plan.

Gold’s Gym Harlingen 4th Annual Tour de Cure Spinathon

Rain or shine Gold’s Gym Harlingen spins for the American Diabetes Association’s Tour De Cure

Gold’s Gym Harlingen spins in support of the American Diabetes Association’s Tour De Cure, a series of fundraising cycling events held nationwide. This is the 4th year that Gold’s Gym Harlingen has participated.
Indoor cycling group exercise classes let you imagine you are riding in the Tour de France with tough virtual terrain like hill climbs, mountain peaks and fast flats. These exercise routines are not only an excellent choice for preparing for outdoor cycling events like the Tour de Cure, but they are also a great way to experience the positive benefits of group exercise outlined by the American College of Sports Medicine – a fun, social environment, accountability, a consistent fitness schedule and effective workouts designed by a fitness professional. Group exercise programs also offer the added benefit of providing you with a sense of camaraderie as the class works toward the common goal of getting fit. And the exercise equipment used in these classes is adjustable so that whether you are old or young, or super fit or out of shape, you can work out at the level you choose.

Low-impact cycling group exercise classes are a common way for those new to exercising or returning to the gym after an injury to get back on the path to health and fitness. As part of your exercise routine, group cycling can "help you shed fat, improve your heart health and boost your muscle endurance," according to WebMd.com. And with cycling group exercise programs, your body releases feel-good endorphins at the end of class that can boost your mood. Use the exercise equipment at your local Gold's Gyms to complete your total body workout with upper body exercises and strength training.