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Learn about functional fitness workout plans from Gold's Gyms at community events like the 30th Annual St. Patrick's Day affair, or come into your local Gold's Gym to tour our world-class health club, and to speak to our fitness experts. Our experts can recommend workout exercises for you based on your current fitness level, whether you are a couch lover or elite athlete. All levels benefit from body weight workouts with functional fitness exercises such as squats and stair climbs to train your muscles to work together. With these total body workouts, you can improve your "balance, coordination, force, power and endurance to enhance your ability to perform activities of daily living," according to the American College of Sports Medicine.

Gold’s Gym Colorado Springs Briargate and Rustic Hills Gyms Attend the 30th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Event

Our Colorado Springs Briargate and Rustic hills gyms attended the 30th Annual St. Patrick’s day events on March 13th and 14th
Find out about workout plans at Gold's Gyms near you by visiting fun community events like this one commemorating St. Patrick's Day, or by stopping by the gym to speak with one of our top-notch fitness coaches. If you're looking for workout exercises for a beginner, functional fitness training with our personal fitness trainers is a great place to start. The Mayo Clinic suggests body weight workouts with functional exercises to improve your ability to perform everyday tasks like lifting children out of car seats or pushing the lawnmower. As you progress with total body workouts, your trainer may introduce more challenging functional fitness exercises that include using fitness balls, kettlebells, resistance bands or weights to trim and tone your body.

Workout plans for weekend warriors or elite athletes can also include functional fitness training to improve your sports performance. These workout exercises mimic everyday movements like jumping, lifting and twisting, and with functional training, "it is as critical to train the specific movement as it is to train the muscles involved in the movement," according to the American Council on Exercise. Body weight workouts like burpee lateral jumps and step-ups can increase your coordination and strength for improved sports performance, and you can learn proper form and technique for these exercises from a trainer at the Gold's fitness center near you. With these total body workouts, you'll become the competitor that your opponents measure themselves against.