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Morning Workout Plans, Ab Workouts & Kettlebell Workouts

Give your workout plans a jolt of variety to keep your body guessing what's coming next and to keep your mind engaged in the fitness workouts. What's more, by rotating ab workouts, cardio workouts, upper body workouts and other workouts, you'll reduce the risk of injuries that can occur from performing the same workouts over and over. Adding variety to your weekly workout routines, notes the American College of Sports Medicine, can help "prevent repetitive, overuse injuries." Switch from kettlebell workouts to running and biking, and change "aerobics to weight lifting, or swimming to spinning," recommends the ACSM, to give sets of muscles and joints a break while working other sets.

Gold’s Gym Chambersburg Ribbon Cutting Celebration

The new Gold’s Gym Chambersburg has over 17,000 square feet including a dedicated yoga studio, spin room, GGX room, Cardio Cinema, Kidz Club, tanning and cardio equipment/free weights.

The new Chambersburg Gold’s Gym is located at 3055 Black Gap Road in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania 17201. The gym relocated from its former home at Southgate Shopping Center to the Chambersburg Mall space. The opening celebration began with a ribbon cutting that included Joe Vasco and Kevin Adler (Owners), David G. Sciamanna (President of The Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce) & the Gold’s Gym Chambersburg Staff. Radio station Mix 95.1 broadcasted live during the event. Gold’s Gym gave away free memberships and personal training packages.
Workout plans at the new 17,000 square foot Gold’s Gym Chambersburg location will be workout plans filled with variety because this Gold's health club, like many Gold's gyms, has a dedicated yoga studio, spinning room, GGX room, Cardio Cinema, Kid's Club, tanning, and cardio equipment and free weights. You need options for ab workouts and other workouts so that you stay engaged to your fitness program. Give your weekly workout routine some more variety by working out at different times, suggest the exercise experts at WebMD: "Do your exercises at different times … if you become bored with your noon walk, try exercising in the early morning or after work or school." Also, hit your kettlebell workouts and other workouts for different amounts of time, so instead of one 45-minute exercise session, try three 15-minute workouts.

Don't let your weekly workout plans grow stale by performing the same exercise routines at the same times. And if you do ab workouts, cardio workouts and flexibility and coordination workouts separately, try combining them together for an exciting and challenging change of pace in your fitness program. Your weekly workout routine can be a cross-training workout which, "is doing a variety of different exercises or activities," explains the fitness advisors at the Mayo Clinic, and cross-training, "is a good way to keep exercise boredom at bay." Cross-training is a best workout routine because it can incorporate an ever-changing lineup of exercises such as squats, lunges, plyometrics such as burpees, leg raises, pull-ups, jumping jacks and even jogging up stairs at a local stadium.